Friday, April 19, 2013

City Clean Up!

Our ward joined the city clean up project this month.  Everyone who volunteered got a shirt and a water bottle and other small goodies.  The kids thought it was all very fun.  They were really good helpers finding all of the trash too :).  After all of the work was done there was a hot dog lunch, bounce houses, and a live band!  I wonder if we got a better deal then the city. 

Here are the kids helping :)





Grant and Talmage

The live band - Vocal Trash

They used things they find at junk yards for instruments.  

It was a fun day!  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fishing, Shooting & Off Roading!

For Good Friday we met up with one of Jeff's coworkers and went out to the property that he has a lease on.  There is a fishing pond, cows, an old farm house, and lots of land... that you can shoot on too.  It was a fun time and we were able to pack in lots of activities for the amount of time we were there!

Here everyone is getting ready to fish.

Jeff working with Talmage on casting

While the older kids were fishing I walked around the "lake" with the little ones.  They really enjoyed throwing sticks into the water :)

Clark really loved the water!

I let Lorna down on the ground... she was thrilled!  Soon enough she'll be walking and able to explore outside more, but this wasn't a really baby friendly place so she was held a lot!

Grant caught a bass while we were out on the walk... thank goodness for phones with cameras :)
Here is Jeff Smith helping Mhari bring in her catch... that got away when the line broke ;(.  It was a decent sized fish too!

Talmage tried to catch fish, but never quite got one.  Sandra had a few on the line but they would escape as they were reeling them in.  It was a pretty good fishing experience considering we didn't hang out fishing for too long.

Time to break out the guns!  Jeff would check them and be sure they were working before teaching the rest of us what to do.  This 22 was having some problems, otherwise it would have been the best one for the kids to work with.

Grant shooting the 22

Talmage's turn

My turn

Next was the 45.  That one had some kick to it.  

Talmage took a turn with it too

Jeff helping Talmage

Teaching Grant

That's a lot of gun for a little kid!

More help

Jeff taking a turn with the shot gun.  He looks very skilled :)

Talmage was a great helper and would take care of Lorna so Mommy could shoot too!

My turn on the shot gun 

Talmage learning about Jeff's shot gun

Pretty powerful stuff

Grant got some kick off it... he didn't shoot it anymore

Evidence of our shooting

Jeff Smith found a wild boar skull.  The kids really liked it!

In the back of Jacapo and ready to go off road!  Jacapo did really well on the drive too.  It was nice to see that the old truck could handle 4 wheel drive ;)

Loving the wind


It was a nice day trip :).  We all got too much sun, but I guess that's a lesson to learn for next time.  When we got back it was about time for the Michigan vs Kansas State basketball game.  It was nice to have friends over and hang out while we enjoyed the rest of the evening.  The fact that Michigan pulled out a crazy win made the night even better :).