Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve Dance!

Talmage and Grant got together with some friends at Ella's house to play D and D before the dance.  Once the game was over the boys came back to our house to get ready and then Ella come over so we could drive everyone over to the dance.  While everyone was getting ready, Journey contacted Talmage for a ride.  We ended up with a pretty big group to take to the dance!  While the big kids were gone the little ones got to watch movies!  Overall I think the kids had a good time!  
Welcome to 2019! 


New Year's Eve ended up being a crazy with errands.  The teens went and skated with friends, I ended up driving to Mansfield to retrieve Talmage's jacket, and even sat at the tire shop while I got new tires before I head out of town with the kids to Oklahoma later this week!  Let's just say it was weird to have to take the littles on errands with me, since I have so many older kids who can babysit.  They did great and we got everything done that we needed to... without, stranding anyone at the Skatitorium!  Since they did so great I stopped to get them an ice cream cone.  Sometimes it pays in treats to run errands with Mommy :).  

Friday, December 28, 2018

The big 15!

Happy birthday to our 2nd born... 15 years old!  Grant is a silly, fun teenager!  He is really doing well this year at keeping up with his school work and enjoying learning.  He is dreaming about his future and becoming responsible.  It is great to see kids mature and develop!  We love you!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Target Practice

It had been rainy on Christmas so this was the day to get the BB guns out and practice!  Say good-bye squirrels and neighborhood cats!  At least they will be scared enough to stay away from our yard for a while anyway ;)


 Grant wearing his new headphones... too cute ;)

Game Time

Tiffany organized a fun hang out for families during the break.  We got several families out and the kids had a blast playing games!  I'm so glad we have such great friends for our kids to play with!  


Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Sandra and Savannah Hull are a day apart (and a year) for their birthdays.  Since Amanda and I love each other and want to have fun reasons to get together, we arranged a birthday surprise for the girls!  OK, so maybe it was a tiny bit selfish, but they benefited too :).  We tried to think of something fun for the girls to do together, but nothing we thought of worked.  We chose to do pedicures (which was fabulous for us), but I'm sure they would have been happy doing something else.  It was fun to have Sandra do something girly, even if she would rather not be girly ;)

After the pedicures we went to Marble Slab for dessert!  The ice cream was wonderful!  We sat outside the store hanging out and chatting for about an hour before we headed our separate ways.  I'm so glad we did a fun surprise for the girls and that we got to get together!  Yay for good friends!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

It was so fun to do Christmas this year!  I had found these amazing squishmallow animals at Walgreens and knew they would be an awesome present!  Jeff decided the kids should have BB guns, and his parents money went to getting an X-Box 360.  Those were the big gifts, but there were lots of little fun things too!  Jeff is going to get me a nice necklace and I am getting his armor of God ring resized.  Overall it was a great day, with nice presents!