Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sugar and Spike!

Sandra and Bree both wanted to play volleyball this spring.  We signed them up with the YMCA and asked for the girls to be on the same team.  That meant that Sandra played up in age since the age bracket was 13/14 or 11/12.  That was hard because this was her first time playing.  The other problem was that there was no one available to coach the team ;(.  Tiffany stepped up to do the job so the girls could play.  I volunteered as her assistant and volleyball season began!  

We had a few girls who had played before and were good.  Otherwise we had a mix of newbies and some still learning.  It was great to see them learn and work together!  Sandra got more consistent with her serves and even able to go up to spike the ball.  It as a huge learning experience for Tiffany and me.  I think everyone had a good time and Sandra still enjoys volleyball :)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello Summer!

The Buer's hosted a "Hello Summer" party!  It was fun to take the kids and go swim!  I am bad about taking pictures at these sorts of things, so this time I made sure to snap a few of the kids having fun!  Grant made me laugh when I found him in the unicorn floaty!  Silly boy!

Little divers!

Everyone had a nice time.  I think the biggest hit for my kids was the flippers!  I may have to find some of those for our pool collection!  

Happy Donut Day!

Krispy Kreme is no longer celebrating Pirate Day in Sept, but they do celebrate Donut Day!  Everyone got to pick any donut they wanted for free!  It is also very fun to get to watch the donuts get made and glazed!  Mmmmm.... donuts!

Look at all of the happy kids with their yummy donuts!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Beautiful Music!

Time for the spring recital and some beautiful music!  The girls worked really hard on all of their pieces and performed really well.  This year was extra special because Ella took lessons from the same teacher.  All three girls were able to play a trio piece together at the recital! What a special memory.  We are proud of our girls and how much they have grown in their music abilities!  





The program.  Sandra played 3 numbers this time!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rose in a blanket!

Lorna has been having such a blast with her pet piggy bank!  She has named her Rose.  She was playing around with her and it was too funny I had to get a few pictures!  

My favorite... pig in a blanket!

Rose with a rose :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scarborough Fair

This year we participated in the student day at the Renaissance Festival.  It was my first time ever going!  It was kind of busy, but not as crazy as it could have been.  It was fun to walk around and catch some shows.  We watched the sword throwing dad and son routine.  I saw the hula hooper with Lorna.  We caught some of the jousting.  It was nice to walk around and check out all of the cool shops too.  We ran into several friends from co-op so that was fun!  Everyone ended up with a souvenir :).  I'm sure we will try to go again next year!

Tiffany got to hold a huge sword!

Photo Op!

 Learning how to turn a post

Learning about blowing glass

The juggler!  He was pretty awesome! 

 Found the souvenir I need for the house :)

Everyone happy with their trinkets and ready to head home!

Friday, May 18, 2018

FC Bollocks

Jeff finished up another soccer season!  He has done great on defense!  Their team had a new goalie and back defender which really strengthened their defense.  We still need to work on our offense tho.  It is always fun to attend Jeff's games and cheer for him!  Go Bollocks!