Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wedding fun!

The end of our fun day trip to Austin area was the wedding!  Nick and Rachel were married in Bastrop and it was great to get to be there to celebrate with them!

Cassie and Darryl

Here they come!

Sweet ceremony

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Giving toasts

During the reception Jeff played out with the kids in the huge grass area.  They played soccer and football.  There were even Frisbees for Frisbee golf!


Family visiting


Dancing Time!

Ella and Bug

Bree and Clark

The Williams Family:  Jeff, Bill, John, Nathan, Michelle, Sanette, and Nancy

Cousins and spouses :)
Me and Jeff, Michelle, Nathan and Tiffany, Darryl and Cassie, and Rachel and Nick

We had a great trip and were so happy to get to be there for Nick and Rachel's wedding!  It was a longn day, but full of great memories!

The Captiol Tour!

We had a fun time in Austin visiting the capitol and meeting up with Uncle Bill and Aunt Sanette.  We enjoyed our tour and getting to catch up with family!

Catching up

Welcome to the tour!

The rotunda

Painting of the Alamo

The end of the tour... looking up at the statue on the top of the rotunda

Bree, Mhari, Clark, and Lorna

They got some good visiting in :)
Michelle, Bill, Jeff, Nathan, and Sanette.

Lorna playing with Aunt Tiffany's hat!

Outside having fun with the kids while Jeff visited with the family :)

Talmage and Lorna ... such a good big brother

 Cousin fun!

 Cute Punkin

Little Bug

Silly Grant

Sandra and Ella enjoying learning about some of the statues

Chica wanted her picture taken ... cutie!

Resting before it was time to go to the wedding.

We love DONUTS!!!

We went on a family day trip down to Bastrop for Jeff's cousin Nick's wedding.  On the way we stopped in Round Rock to enjoy Round Rock Donuts!  This was the first time for some of the family so we had to be sure we got enough donuts to share! 

I think it's worth a fun day trip just for the donuts ;)


Thursday, April 7, 2016

While the big kids are away ...

The little ones get to play! 
All of the older kids had activities going on and instead of running home to turn around and go back and pick up everyone I ran errands with Clark and Lorna.  We hit the dollar store, which is always fun.  Then we stopped in at Braums for a yummy dessert!  It was fun to hang out with my 2 little ones for a bit.  They are so cute and fun!  They won't be little for too much longer either. 

Happy day spending time with the littles! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Priesthood Time

This is Grant's first year to attend Priesthood Session with Jeff and Talmage.  The ward does a brisket dinner before the session so that was fun for them to attend.  They ate dinner, but really enjoyed dessert.  I think they were on their 3rd plate of cookies in this picture! 

One of the funny things is that Jeff posted this on Facebook and there were tons of comments about Talmage being a mini-Jeff.  I guess he looks like his daddy :).  Too cute!

Love our priesthood boys! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bluebonnet Beauties!

It's springtime in Texas and that always means Bluebonnets!  I actually hadn't done bluebonnet pictures for several years.  Often the kids don't like being in the flowers because their tends to be bugs in the flowers ;).  I also have a hard time coordinating the kids and making everyone look just perfect for the perfect bluebonnet pictures. 
Well, this year I just wanted some fun pictures and spur of the moment made it happen.  Let's just say that the kids aren't in the perfect outfits or what not, but they are mine, and this is what they look like in our family everyday :).  Sometimes it's nicer to have the real version anyway!

Lorna!  Such a cute  bug!

Talmage ... getting so grown up!


Sandra Chica

Couldn't help it... she was being really cute!

Mhari Punkin

They really are a beautiful group of kids!

The kids saw these other wild flowers and really wanted more pictures done ;)

Clark is in the smiling stage that is just a bit awkward.  We got a good one in the orange flowers, even if we didn't with the bluebonnets.

Love his cute smile!

I love that the kids let me take their pictures and enjoy posing for me (as much as they do).  I love getting to capture beautiful moments that I can keep forever... especially when they are all growing up so fast!