Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Investigating ... Armadillo?!

We have been planning on remodeling our kitchen, but we weren't sure what is happening at the corner.  The time had come to rip a hole in the sheet rock to investigate! 

Time for the pry bar and hammer!

We were glad to get to figure out some answers, but weren't happy with the results.  It turns out the beam doesn't go all of the way to the corner so we need a new beam.  It also turns out that the other wall is load bearing even though the house was built with trusses, they filled in that truss space with a spacer. 

When Jeff was bringing home Talmage from Seminary there was an armadillo in our yard.  He finally crossed the road in front of the car on his way to the neighbors house. 

Kind of a cool surprise at 7 am.  We have seen a lot of wildlife around our house!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!

We have been getting together with the Hughlett Family over the summer during holidays.  This time I actually remembered to take pictures!!  We love getting to share our pool and food!  Then we try to sneak in a movie night of Fast and the Furious while the kids watch a kids movie upstairs.  We sure enjoy keeping some friends from Mansfield :)

Grant and Talmage



Owen wanted to do something fun for his birthday with our kids.  Time kept moving and we finally found a time to get together and play!  The kids played and then they had a water balloon fight!  Too much fun :)

Getting the balloons

 The fight is on!

War is finished!

Little projects

The kids can be a great help!  Here are a few projects that the kids have been helping out with!

The kids helped take apart the fireplace bricks from the library.  They worked all day!  The last bricks were stuck in there good so Daddy helped finish that part up.  They did a good job!

We have a small fountain out by the swimming pool.  Unfortunately we can't figure out how to run the pump so it sits and grows mosquitos.  The girls were a big help emptying out the nasty water! 

Clark helped trim and also take care of the piggies :)

Talmage and Grant help with the yard work ... mowing and weed eating.

Daddy and Bug!

There is always something to work on.  It's nice to have lots of helpers around to help get stuff done!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Girl Room!

When we got this house the girls really wanted the front bedroom that overlooks the lake.  Hard to blame them.  The other room really was better suited to the girls with the bedroom connected to a larger bathroom and the closet.  The girls have had enough of purple rooms so we started planning what we would do to their room.  We settled on a green and gray room with orange accents.  It was fun to help them turn their room into their own space.  There are a few details still to finish, but overall we now have a huge step in the right direction!

Purple... and stripes!

So much purple

Everyone helped... some more than others ;). 

Sandra really enjoyed working the high spots.

Mhari was a good little painter!

Once it was all put back together it was a nice change!

Mhari and Lorna's beds

Sandra's corner of the room. 

Yay for getting the girls' room in order!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Boys Room!

When the girls were getting their room done the boys were very ready to get going on theirs.  They wanted a blue and grey room with yellow accents.  Their walls are taller so it was more difficult, but Grant was a trooper and got up to the top!

Talmage worked really hard and spent his extra time when he was done with school work getting painting done!

Little Clark wanted to help too! 

Clark and Talmage were so exhausted after all of the hard work!

Talmage working on the last wall!
The boys room turned out well.  It is nice to have the kids rooms looking nice and having them each have their own bookcase to organize their stuff and still have it look nice. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Poor Lorna was having a hard night.  She ended up sharing the bed with me and was feeling better when she woke up.  I don't sleep well when I share the bed with kids, but I know this is getting more and more rare.  Time to savor the little moments. 

Another rainbow!  So beautiful!

The rain made for an amazing sky!

The cute little kids picked all of these sweet flowers.  I love them!

Flower picking!

I just love, love, love the sunset!

All of my beautiful flowers!

 My love and me!

Just keeps getting better!