Tuesday, October 4, 2016

National Night Out!

We hung out at the local park just down the street for National Night Out.  They had hot dogs, bounce houses, and snacks to share!  There were lots of people and police to visit with.  One of the fun parts was the sack race.  The kids had a great time participating! 


 Mhari raced ....

and the big boys, Talmage and Grant, joined her group too.


Clark's turn!

It was a fun night to get out and visit with the neighbors and local officers!

Monday, October 3, 2016


The house has an alarm system that we haven't activated since we moved in.  When we first moved in the alarm sounded, we found the code and turned it off and never thought about it again.  Randomly the alarm would sound, but it was never a big deal. 

Then it happened.... the alarm went off in the middle of the night, like 1 a.m..  First it totally mentally freaked me out... what is going on?!  Is someone breaking into the house? Until I remembered we don't have the alarm set up.... so it was fine, but the noise was insane and I hunted down the code and turned it off as fast as I could.  Then I crawled back into bed grateful for that to be over.  At this point Jeff had woken up and wondered why the alarm had been going off.  I dozed back off when about 15 min later the alarm started again!  Jeff got up to deal with it and got it to finally turn off.  Now this was beginning a trend.  Not a great sign for the night. 

The alarm continued to go off every 10 to 15 min and the kids woke up.  Talmage wanted us to call the police (because obviously the alarm was telling us that someone was breaking in).  After explaining that it was probably just a battery dying and it had nothing to do with the police that helped him go back to sleep (as best as he could).  Of course it didn't stop so we had to get violent.  Jeff took off the sirens from around the house (in the halls, and the girls room).  Then we cut some of the wires from the system to disable it.  We felt like we had finally beaten the alarm! 

Of course we were wrong.  The alarm system itself was still going off.  Instead of just cutting a wire or two it was time for the key pads to be dismantled!  The feeling of relief was fabulous!  By this time it's after 2 ;(.  We laid back to bed and decided that we had for sure won this time.  Until, ... 15 min later when again there is a siren.  Seriously... where was it coming from?  We went around listening and found the noise above the laundry room... a hidden alarm siren!  Jeff grabbed a hammer and made a hole in the ceiling to get to it.  It was finally dead!  I'm not sure who the winner was because now we have a hole in our ceiling.  Let's just say that the hammer was the totally logical answer at 2 a.m.!  So glad that finally ended!

 The panels ... removed!

 The sirens ... removed.

The hidden siren located....

and removed! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Soccer Season!

Jeff is playing soccer again.  He is on the same team as Nathan and Tiffany and I go watch every Friday night.  It is fun to go cheer them on!  We make pretty great cheerleaders.  There have been several different people (players, other teams even) that mention what a great job we do cheering our team on!  They are on FC Bullocks ;).  Jeff does a great job.  He holds the defensive line really well and is a great support to the goalie! 
Yay Bullocks! 

Here are just a few action shots.  He's #7!

Silly Goose!

The geese are here!  There are so many!  It's been fun to see them take over.  Since they came and visited our yard they have continued to come back to nibble the grass.  I got a little nervous and looked up geese eating the grass and problems, and I think we are good. 
Anyway, the geese are fun, but so is my family!

Jeff!  I just couldn't help taking his picture in silhouette .... with his hat sitting so high on his head.  Just made me laugh :)

The other fun story....  Talmage came up to me and asked if he could go "pretend fish."  I was so shocked I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  I guess I had actually called it pretend fishing before because the kids never catch anything and we really don't know anything about fishing.  I guess Talmage was listening and remembered "pretend fishing." 
He didn't catch anything.... as usual.

We decided to go out and try to feed the geese.  The geese like getting fed!
Mhari and Lorna

Clark ... right out of his hand!  I got them to eat out of my hand too.  I'm guessing they are pretty used to people feeding them by now.

Talmage tried and tried to get the geese to eat from his hand, but they wouldn't go for it. 

 He tried so hard too.  Poor guy.

More pretend fishing :) ... such silly geese I have!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oh what do we do at the Zoo?

We have Dallas Zoo passes so we are tying to get into the habit of visiting the zoo again.  I saw a post from a friend about how her kids did a nature exchange at the zoo.  I looked into it and  I knew the kids would love it.  It also keeps us more motivated to go to the zoo. 
Before the exchange we walked around a bit and enjoyed some of the animals.  The cousins went too so that makes the trip even more fun!

When we went to the nature exchange the kids took turns turning in a piece of nature (rock, acorn, etc.) and sharing facts that they had researched about it.  They get more points for more facts as well as bringing in writing about it (like keeping a science journal).  All of the kids got points that they then can trade to get something else in the shop.  It was really cool to see the things that were available!  They are already preparing for the next zoo trip!

Koala cuteness

Tiffany and I in our matching Walking Dead shirts :)

Punkin, Bug, and Dog hanging out on the butterfly chair.

The Nature Exchange!

It was so great to see them learning so much from the naturalist! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

4H Fun!

4H is going again in full swing!  I am leading 2 cooking groups out of my home and it has been fun ... and crazy!

Here is one of their creations from the healthy snack category. 

This is the junior group and they named it the beached up boat.

Intermediates and they named it Mount Fruity
We are also in full swing for the fashion project.  That includes lots of meetings, presentations and service projects.  The competition got moved to the spring, but since we had all of the meetings scheduled we just got them done. Here are just a few pictures. 





Helping make Linus blankets!

It is always a busy fall with 4-H, but good too! 

Pool boy!

This is our first time owning a pool.  It would be fun to have a pool boy to manage all of the pool needs, however, that's money we don't want to spend right now.  So instead of a pool boy, we all get to learn now to manage the pool ourselves.  It hasn't been easy either.  When we first moved in the pool was green because the owners had not had their pool boy coming.  That got sorted out, but it wasn't the end.  We have had problems keeping the pool blue and  bought and used lots of pool shock.  Then we killed the motor while we were out of town.  It was under warranty so that eventually got sorted out.  We also learned how to clean our filter and one of the screens had a hole in it which made the pool really have no chance to stay clean. 
We have a friend in the new ward that knows pool maintenance and has come to our rescue!  He was able to get the part we needed for a better price so that was awesome too!  Seriously we would not have a clue without Corey Buer helping us so much! 

Here is a before and after of the pool filter. It was our first time to see how nasty they are inside.  I guess this is normal, but still totally gross!