Tuesday, February 18, 2014


While we were spending time at home recovering from the sickies the girls had some fun with their daddy.  He was tired, but they decided he made a good horse instead.  Sandra had fun tickling his ear too!

Here they are on Daddy

Ride 'em cowgirls!

I decided to do a project that I had been putting off for a while.  This was a 4XL mens dress shirt.  I turned it into a dress for Sandra.  I cut it apart, added pleats, adjusted the sleeves, and reattached it all!  It turned out so well!  I like the white tie, but really want to make a new sash... we will see if I get around to that :).  

She loved it so much that she wore it during the week and then to church.  Silly girl!

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day Jeff and I gave the kids little stuffed animals :).  They love animals and I'm sure it won't last forever.  Grandma and Grandpa sent a package of balloons earlier in the week so that was awesome.  Today Grandma Whitmer's package arrived.  Otherwise it was a pretty normal day...

We did our science experiments, cleaned the house, went to the library, and the boys did math.  It actually felt like a forever day.  That night Jeff and I did go buy a frame for a new picture that we got for the house.  

Here is Sandra doing her heat experiment with sugar.  It was cool to see it melt on the spoon. 

That night I made pizza and figured it would be fun to do them in heart shapes ;)

Really round heart ;)

Hope everyone had a sweet day ;)

Movin to the Music

The kids have been stuck inside a lot lately with the cold weather.  I had some music playing the other day and I came out and saw Talmage dancing.  He really doesn't care to dance and especially doesn't like attention if he is doing it.  I thought it was pretty funny and he kept going.  I decided it was worth taking some photos of, you know, for future use ;).  

They were dancing and judging each other on their moves.  I think we may have been watching too much Olympics recently ;).  

Sandra's turn

Mhari's turn

Talmage again ;)

It was so cute to see them make up their own activity and enjoy each other's company.  They just keep growing up!

4 out of 6

Our poor kids got the stomach bug.   4 out of 6 of them came down with it over a 2 day period.  Little Clark started us off.  He made the biggest mess because I wasn't expecting it.  He also took a while to get over it because he would start eating when I wasn't around.  

It was not a fun weekend, but we stayed quarantined in our house so that we didn't share the germs.  Even though we were at home I heard of several other families in the area with the same bug.  Looks like this is a bad year for sicknesses ;(.

Here is Mhari during her down time.  So sad.

Poor bug started with it Sunday night.  Let's just say that she got me twice ;(.  I am surprised I survived the sickness without becoming a victim too.  
She was a cute little sick bug, but I felt so bad for her.    


Sandra was the last victim.  She was old enough to at least have a bowl handy when she really didn't feel good.  She also took care of herself in the middle of the night.  I was so worn out that it was great to start sleeping through the night.  Now here's hoping it doesn't strike for round 2 (which I hear some friends have done already :().

Monkeys on the Bed

The little ones have discovered how much fun Mommy and Daddy's bed is.  Lorna and Clark will climb into it when we are busy watching the Olympics or something else fun and just play and play.  They also like to help wake up Daddy, although they aren't always successful :).  

Jeff had fun playing with the kids and doing a Daddy pillow fight ;) 

Sandra, Mhari and Clark

Sandra, Mhari, Lorna and Clark

So cute

Lorna playing in the pillows on the ground

Clark helping Mhari with the stationary bike in our room.  

It's funny to see what kids find entertaining.  I'm sure it's so much more fun because its a room that's not for playing in ;)

Little Readers!

A friend told us about our Scholastic Book Warehouse sale and we decided to see what we could get for our home school.  While we were there the prices were so good that most of the kids got to bring home books for fun reading too.  The house was very quiet that afternoon :).




There are always more books to buy and they read so fast that it's hard to keep enough new books to read.  It is fun to have kids that love to read :)