Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shark Boy!

Grant has been our "shark boy" for several months. His top tooth (left central incisor) has grown in behind the baby tooth. It was getting in pretty far and the baby tooth wasn't loosening up anymore. We decided it was time for some professional help (after our home efforts failed). The dentist took out that baby tooth and the one next to it since it was loose too. Here is the after shot (sorry no before picture). A little better angle of where the missing teeth were located and how far back his adult tooth is.

After being numb for a little while Grant was playing with his lips and made them into the shape of a banana.
Such a creative kid. Jeff took him to the dentist and Grant did a great job. I think the kids don't know they are not supposed to like dentists... maybe when they are older and they don't get prizes every time... ;)

No more shark boy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Months!

Sometimes it's hard to remember how fast babies grow up! Our little Clark is already 9 months old and it seems like he just can't be that old already. Yet, at the same time, it's nice that he's growing and becoming a little person and not so dependant on me for everything. I'm so grateful that he's such a good baby and so easy going. Other than having a month or so of illness things have been really fabulous! Here are some pictures of him from our family picture day a few weeks ago: Mommy and Baby!

Love this one!
At his 9 month check up he was 23 lbs 14 oz and 30 inches long. He seems to be leveling out, but still nice and big. He crawls everywhere now and is trying to figure out how to pull up to standing. He baby babbles, but no real words yet. He knows when something he does is funny (because we laugh) and he will keep doing it. He is eating more people food and enjoys it for the most part. Sometimes I feel like he just wants to be older - like all of his siblings. They are all so good with him and he's a very loved little baby!

Before I know it he'll be a year old! Gotta enjoy these sweet baby days!!

The Cobras!

We are officially soccer parents. Jeff is an assistant coach for the boys team, the cobras, and I'm the supportive mom with lots of kids :). They have had 4 games so far. I think our team is pretty new to soccer, but they are learning a lot and coming a long way. So far we have lost 3 games and tied 1. We didn't even score a goal til the third game. It's nice to see them actually progressing... maybe they'll win a game soon :) The first game was freezing!!! This is what we looked like - A nice grandparent family let us bring the kids under their umbrella and cuddle with them to keep them warm. It was very cute!

Here is a close up of Clark in the blanket :).
I didn't get any pictures of the kids on that game and I kept forgetting the camera after that. This last game was also picture day so I got some good shots :).

Talmage with the ball

Talmage, Trent, and Grant

The girls play on the bleachers with other sisters while the boys play.

The team and coaches during one of the quarter breaks.

Talmage and his friend from school. The friend is there for his twin sisters game. The twins don't look anything a like... Talmage could be his twin ;)

Cute Clark! Gotta have that hat to keep the sun off him!



The team :)Let's just say I didn't want to spend $20 plus per kid to order the pics so my friend took these for me. Such a good looking group. It's been fun being in soccer and the boys really enjoy it. Fun times being a soccer family :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Pictures

Friday we went to the gardens to have our family pictures taken. This is the first time doing this with all 5 kids! We took over 100 pictures and there is only 1 of the whole family that I liked. Kind of sad, but I'm grateful there was 1 ;).

Here are some of the good pictures from the day:

Older kids and their pillowpets. Daddy thought it would be fun to have pictures with them :)

I figured after 10 years we ought to update our picture as well. Again, after lots of pictures there was 1 I liked. He's still so handsome after all this time :).

The hollow tree picture. The kids liked playing in the tree, until they found a bee in there with them! What cute kids :)

Here it its... the 1 picture that turned out well :).

Our beautiful kids. We just love them :).

A big Thank You to our photographer - Lisa :). Kind of hard to do family pictures without someone behind the camera ;).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cute Clark

Clark is at a really cute age. He attacks stuffed animals. He will chew them and bury his face in them. Seriously fun. Clark had Grant's tiger and was attacking it. Well, Grant didn't like that so he traded him for the monkey.

Clark liked it

but he still preferred the tiger!! Just adorable :)

We finally took pictures of him crawling.

He found the plastic baggie on the floor. That figures - :).

The other night I was checking on the kids and I just couldn't help taking a picture of Mhari. She was so cute cuddled up with her puppy.

Mhari is also at such a fun age. They are growing up so fast and I'm going to miss these moments. Such cute kids :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Our children are watching us....

what example are we setting?

If you can't tell we are sharing the step thingy :). Such a cute little punkin!

I am always surprised when my children copy my example. Often they say what I say (which I wish they wouldn't say), or act like I act (again, not usually that great), it is fun for me when they copy what I do... literally! Sandra and Mhari will both work out with me when I do my videos. They don't last the whole time, but it's so cute when they do it.
I hope that I can be a good example to my kids and that they will continue to watch me as I do good. I need this reminder - they really are watching what I do, every day!