Monday, July 17, 2017


We have so many geese that live at the lake across the street.  I'm impressed that even in the summer there are still a flock of them.  Today they all came over for lunch... on our lawn.  I love watching them in the yard!  It was fun to see them spread out... I counted them and came up with 13!  Then I guess they got hot and took a break under our peach tree.  Silly geese!  We just love all of the animals that live nearby!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy 7 Eleven!

Summer Freebies are really awesome!  Especially when you have 6 kids!  Let's just say we never frequent 7 eleven or Chick-fil-A except for on the holiday!  I know my kids enjoy getting free food and my budget appreciates it too!  I will also say that I am a minimalist... that I am willing to cut out spots to be a cow, but actually making a shirt with real spots or buying something to dress up as a cow is not happening over here.  We got our the money out of those spots too by making it out to lunch and an early dinner.  It was fun to meet up with Tiffany and the cousins for dinner .... we really had a herd for dinner!  

I will give props to 7 eleven for not making us do anything silly to get a free slurpee!  I love the small size too.  Just enough to be fun, but not get too sick off of!  

I'm sure we will be back next year!  Happy Freebie day in July!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gold to Gray

This hall has been yellow since we moved in... well, there is lots of yellow in the house.  Since this hall isn't really changing with the home projects it was time to paint it and get rid of that golden yellow color!  It was pretty bright!  

The one thing about doing the hall is there are lots of doors and trim to tape around.  I used up a whole roll of new painters tape down this hall. OK, and it's a really long hall :).  

The kids were super helpful, even if having kids help paint is stressful for me.  With the extra workers the hall was painted in no time!  I love the change!  Jeff is not in love with the color as it looks too blue, or like no color at all.  Having that yellow gone makes me feel so much better!  Sometimes it's the little things that can change your mood!


So peaceful!

Missing Dog

During dinner no one could find Clark.  I had sent Lorna and Grant to find him, with no luck.  I figured he was asleep somewhere, but also figured it wouldn't be that hard to find him.  I decided after they had looked that I should join the search party.  I walked around the corner into the family room and found him instantly.  

I should say the light was off, and he was barely peaking out of the blanket, but I saw him.  He was really hard to see and I realized why no one saw him.  I guess it's a mom super power to find their sleeping kids.  I'm sure I have more experience too :)
Poor guy was worn out.  He is so adorable!  I'm sure glad our missing Dog wasn't really missing after all!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Daddy!

 Jeff turned 38!  The kids had a fun time shopping for presents for Jeff!  They definitely think he is a silly guy from what they chose ;)  A whoopee cushion, a grabber, and candy topped the list.  I was able to get him a new Manchester United jersey!  I was pleased that he was surprised and liked the gift!  Jeff can be tricky to shop for!  Dessert was the traditional watermelon.  I don't think it would feel like Jeff's birthday without watermelon!  Jeff stays busy with work and house projects.  He takes time out to spend with the kids by cuddling, tickling, or watching silly movies.  He is a great husband and father and we are so lucky to have him with us!  


Thursday, June 22, 2017

7 Bigness!

Our handsome Bigness is 7!  Seriously these years are flying bye!  He is such a joy to our family!  Clark loves playing and having fun.  He loves animals and cars.  He loves playing with the cousins and swimming.  He is more cautious and isn't sure about big roller coasters or water slides.  His speech is improving and we are still working on reading.  He has some great friends from church and they were able to come over and swim for Clark's birthday!  Clark still is a great big brother and friend to Lorna.  They are so sweet together!  

Here are the presents!

He really wanted Pokemon cards like his friend Britton! 

And a remote controlled car!

The present stash! 

Make a wish!

Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Nathan and the cousins got Clark this HUGE elephant!  It was such a fun surprise!  

It's like the size of a small child!

We sure love our Bigness!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Forever Friends!

My best friend from forever ago!  I mean, how is it possible that time kept moving, life kept happening, and our time hanging out was really that long ago?  Taffery has been an amazing friend to me and was a great opposite that helped balance me during our teen years and beyond :).  She was super short with brunette hair and I was the tall blonde friend.... among our obvious differences.  We loved hanging out and sharing our lives during all of those crazy dating years!  Taffery came to town because her hubby got a job with Southwest Airlines out of Love Field.  I was secretly hoping she was telling me they were moving to Dallas area, but that wasn't the case.  During the crazy busy schedule I was able to sneak over and meet up with her for an hour.  One hour was far too short, but it was amazing to be together again!  

One of my favorite things was telling my kids about Taffery.  I pulled out my old scrapbooks and showed them pictures of her and how long we had been friends.  It brought back so many wonderful memories!  I am so grateful that I had an amazing friend like Taffery during those years!  Here's to not letting so many years slip away before getting together again!  Also, here's to friends who can be friends, even when life gets in the way.  Love this crazy awesome best girlfriend of mine!

Friday, June 2, 2017

National Donut Day

Krispy Kreme participated in National Donut Day, which meant we all got to pick our own donut!  It was amazing!  It wasn't as cool as pirate day where we each take home a dozen donuts, but do we really each NEED a dozen donuts?!  I guess that is debatable.  Everyone loved getting to try their own donut and they were really yummy!  It was a good treat for our first day headed to Hurricane Harbor!  Let the summer fun begin!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beautiful Music

It's the end of another school year and that means that the kids are ready for their piano recital!  They all practiced very hard to get their songs ready.  It is a joy to listen them play such beautiful music!  Sandra just finished her 3rd year, Mhari her 2nd and Grant his first.  I also finished my 1st year.  It gives me more appreciation for what the kids are working on since I'm learning it too.  I'm grateful to have such a wonderful teacher to work with our family!  
Yay for piano and beautiful music!

Mhari's first solo!

Love them!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Whack a Chicken

The pool has been mostly beautiful this summer!  I think we have pool maintenance figured out... crossing fingers.  It's been nice to jump in on a hot day!

The kids have been learning to carry each other around on their shoulders and play chicken.  It is not the safest thing so I have asked them to stop, but it was fun to watch :).  

Mhari on Talmage

Bug on Chica

Grant showing off how to jump into his tube ;)

Our squirters had died so instead of playing "spray a mole" we went for the original "whack a mole", using pool noodles.  It may not have been the most effective game, but it was fun while it lasted!  The kids had a blast with Daddy too!