Sunday, June 29, 2014

Myth Busting!

Over the summer we have wanted to do some fun science stuff with the kids.  There is a Myth Busters episode that deals with Coke and Mentos and the reaction that it makes.  Tiffany and I planned the date and had the kids do the experiment for themselves.  First we watched the episode to help them understand the science behind what was happening.  Then we went out to the cul-de-sac to make it happen.

Each kid had their own coke bottle (and safety glasses) and 2 mentos.  After they were done we set up a stage of lager coke bottles to do a finale :).  

Here are the kids shots:


Cute bug









Bree and Mhari
What each of the kids' bottles looked like afterwards :)

And the Finale!  The one in the back seriously shot up huge.  

Shooting at the kids  :)

The aftermath ;)

 Later Clark was so exhausted he just went to the couch and crashed.  He is so cute ;) 

Tiffany did awesome with the camera.  While she was busy taking pictures I was taking videos.  We had a great time and even learned why they say... don't try this at home... when Tiffany got hit in the face with the erupting soda!


Jeff's birthday was last week and he joined me at the big 35!  Jeff works so hard for our family!  He is such a good husband and father!  We love him!

The tradition of a watermelon cake continues...

Jeff still loves to light his own candles ;)

Make a wish!

Several of the kids started requesting watermelon cakes for their birthdays.  Too bad watermelon isn't in season in December ;(

Enjoying the "cake"

Jeff has been really busy with work so we joined him in his office to take a break for presents ;).  

Lorna gave him a pointer.  You know, so he can point at things :).  He let Bug take care of it for him. 

Clark gave him oven mitts for when Daddy grills.

Mhari gave him a little flashlight (she is showing him how it works).

Sandra gave Jeff little popper fire crackers.  We enjoyed popping those last night ;)

Grant picked out a wind shield/electronics cleaner

Talmage requested a nicer store for his present so we hit Kohl's and Talmage picked out a new tie for Jeff and used his own money :).

Some candy 

and a tie

and some slacks from Me :).  

It was fun to celebrate Jeff's birthday.  It would be nice to have more time to enjoy it on that day, but we spent Saturday relaxing and family came over to hang out too.  It's a good thing that Jeff is busy though.  That just means that work is going well :).  
Happy Birthday Handsome!  We love you!

The Big 4!

Our handsome Clark turned 4 a week ago!  It is so strange to think that it's already been 4 years since he was born.  Yes, it's a common phrase that people can't imagine life without one of our children, or even remember what it was like before they joined the family, but it is so true!  Also, each birth story is unique and Clark's is especially memorable for me.  I actually went into labor early ... a whole month early!  He was so tiny to me!  He was 7 lbs 14 oz and when I was commenting on how tiny he was the Dr. mentioned that I just gave birth to a 8 lb preemie.  I guess when she said it like that he wasn't so tiny after all.  He sure made up for it fast too!  

We did his 4 year well check the day after his birthday and he is 3 ft 9 inches and weighs 49 lbs.  He is our Big Dog!  He is such a joy to our family!  He is so happy and silly and just a sweetheart! 

Here he is opening his presents :)

pool toys

coloring book and crayons


pillow pet

big pillow pet :)

hat, kick board, baseball bat, and mini Clark bars!

Clark with all of his new goodies!

Ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake!


My little boy isn't so little.  He is growing up so fast!  Thanks for being so awesome Clark!  We sure love you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Swimming fun!

We signed up the two little ones for swim lessons.  That meant that we all go and hang out at the swim lesson house and play while they swim.  I get to visit with the other mommies while the kids have fun outside.  After a few days Sandra discovered the hula hoops that they had.  She is an awesome hula hooper so it was fun to see her have fun with them.  She has done up to at at time too!  One of her favorite tricks is to skip the hula hoop around her ankle.  Silly girl ;)

Mhari also learned how to hula hoop.  This was her first experience with it and after a few tries she had it down.  She did great :)

Here is Lorna enjoying swim lessons.  She does so good!

With it being summer we are also enjoying our local pool.  The last time we were there the kids laid out to dry off before heading out.  Lorna took the cue and laid out too.  It was so funny!

So I mentioned the boys may want to take off their swim shirts for a few minutes to let their tummies see the sun.  Man those boys are white :).  They are also growing up so fast!

Here is Clark at swim lessons.  He listens really well and keeps doing better the more he is in the water!
Here he is getting ready to jump in...



Swimming with the kick board!

It is great to have time to be out in the water and enjoying summer!