Monday, June 23, 2014

Swimming fun!

We signed up the two little ones for swim lessons.  That meant that we all go and hang out at the swim lesson house and play while they swim.  I get to visit with the other mommies while the kids have fun outside.  After a few days Sandra discovered the hula hoops that they had.  She is an awesome hula hooper so it was fun to see her have fun with them.  She has done up to at at time too!  One of her favorite tricks is to skip the hula hoop around her ankle.  Silly girl ;)

Mhari also learned how to hula hoop.  This was her first experience with it and after a few tries she had it down.  She did great :)

Here is Lorna enjoying swim lessons.  She does so good!

With it being summer we are also enjoying our local pool.  The last time we were there the kids laid out to dry off before heading out.  Lorna took the cue and laid out too.  It was so funny!

So I mentioned the boys may want to take off their swim shirts for a few minutes to let their tummies see the sun.  Man those boys are white :).  They are also growing up so fast!

Here is Clark at swim lessons.  He listens really well and keeps doing better the more he is in the water!
Here he is getting ready to jump in...



Swimming with the kick board!

It is great to have time to be out in the water and enjoying summer!  

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