Sunday, May 30, 2010

Passing on the Legacy

A few months back our kids watched some Looney Toons cartoons at a friends house and they just loved it! It was kind of funny to see them enjoy something that we had grown up with. Jeff did some online searching and came up with a few movies to add to our families collection...

We have Voltron (pictured below), Transformers the movie (from like 1986), more Looney Toons, and Pinkie and the Brain.

The kids have really enjoyed seeing the old cartoons and it has been some of our family movie night choices recently as well...

I think part of it is for this kid to enjoy! He must have been very tired because he hasn't fallen asleep to them otherwise :).

It was cute to see all of the kids glued to the TV. It was a peaceful evening :)

It is funny to think of some of the things we grew up with and what our kids are "missing out" on :). It also gives us a chance to enjoy some of the things we used to enjoy as kids as well. Who said we had to be grown ups all of the time?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The kitchen tile is finally done!
We finished up the grout last weekend. Here are some pictures of the last days hard work!

The grout is messy :)

but it sure cleans up nice!

After lots of wiping down - here is the finished room.

And it even got put back together again!

I'm happy to have my kitchen back, especially with the new floor! It is beautiful!

Thanks Hunny for all your hard work during your week off from school! You are an awesome man!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Room...

Talmage's baby teeth have been hanging out way too long. They over stayed their welcome enough that the adult teeth were growing in behind the baby teeth (the dentist did tell us this would probably happen with his teeth). After getting the second tooth growing in and the baby teeth still just wiggling I told him he needed Daddy to pull his teeth.

I think it's funny because whenever I would wiggle his teeth (you know to try to get them to really move) he would whine and fuss about how it hurt. I don't think he whined once for Daddy, even after he yanked the first time and the tooth didn't come out.
He did a great job!

Here he is after the first tooth.

The little tooth that was never leaving...

The second one came out much easier. I think the root had been dissolved more than the first tooth.
Here are the two teeth together. Can you see the difference in their size?

The gap with the adult teeth growing in behind. Maybe now they will have room to move into place.

I'm happy that Jeff was able to get them out and that Talmage can finally have the experience of "losing" some teeth! They sure hung in there as long as they could!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Girls at the Gardens

Last week we took a trip out to the Botanical Gardens with a friend. The girls had a great time. It was a warm, humid day, but there was plenty of shade and grass that it was still a nice morning outside.

Here are some of the pictures of our outing ...

All three girls enjoying the rocks by the water.

My two cuties in the butterfly chair.

I love the walking holding hands pictures - so sweet!

Such cute sisters. Mhari was really enjoying holding Sandra's hand. Just love it :).

I know the boys are excited to be out of school so that they can go on outings too! We'll have all of June to keep them entertained before the hot July and the baby come

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost done...

We bought tile back in October to redo our kitchen. Let's just say there hasn't been time to get the project done until now. Jeff is in between semesters so there's finally enough time!

Our poor linoleum was so old that there were sections that weren't sticking. Here's just a sample of the pieces we had to take out and what the old floor looked like.

Here is Jeff at the beginning of the project. He started with all the pieces that didn't need to be cut and after that day he was really sore.

He is working on the edge pieces and under the appliances now. Let's just say that fixing dinner the last two nights has been interesting :).

He should have all the edges completed tonight. Then he'll have a day of letting it set before he does the grout. He's such a great worker! I'm looking forward to having my kitchen put back together with a beautiful new floor! I'll post finishes pictures when it's done (hopefully in just a few days!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now at 30+ we have: Wrinkled Ladies

So it's another birthday.  I found this song called "All the Wrinkled Ladies", a spoof of "All the Single Ladies". Getting older is inevitable, but somethings you never really expected! Happy aging LOL!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Digg'n the Dinos!

Last week the girls and I went with some friends to the children's museum. My kids love dinosaurs and the girls had a great time - the boys were really sad that we went while they were at school. It's hard to have to go off to school while the girls get to do all the cool stuff (although the girls would love to go to school and do all the cool stuff they do there).

The recently redid the museum and there were lots of great things to see and do!
This is the new huge dinosaur - so cool!

Here are the girls looking at the little one (sorry no names of the dinos).

Look at the huge footprint! It fits 3 girls!

Sandra looking at some fossils with the magnifier.

Shopping in the kid grocery store area. The girls loved filling their carts with food and checking out. They could do that all day - maybe I need to make a store in our playroom, hmmmm.

Outside there is a water play area with some other stuff. Here is Mhari learning how to balance.

Sandra climbing the water station - not sure she should be up there....

While outside Mhari found a little friend. She just loves babies and I looked over and saw her holding her hand and walking around with the little girl. It was too cute. The mommy was really nice about Mhari too. I'm a little nervous for our little one to join the family. Mhari has a lot of love to give ;).

Time to dig!
Sandra was really looking forward to digging for dinosaur bones. Mhari loved the sand! Sandra wasn't sure about how to dig for the bones...

Here is the bone - waiting to be brushed off. Not much to dig, but Sandra liked using the tools so it worked out :).

We had a great time! Thanks friends for taking us out with you! The girls were nice and tired afterwards too! We had a nice nap time when we got home!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morning Magic

Every morning there is a bit of magic going on in my front entry. The little window in the door will cast rainbows down the hall because of the angle of the sunlight coming in. The kids just love the rainbows! The other morning Sandra and Mhari were enjoying the little dust particles in the light. They made a game of trying to catch the fuzzies.

Here they are with their socks on their hands catching away!

Oh, they brought the stools out to get closer to the fuzzies too.

Mhari jumping off the stools - crazy girl!

Sandra's turn to be on the stools.

Kids are amazing! They discover something so silly, yet it fills them with so much wonder and joy! So simple, so inspiring.

Happy times together!

Kids are just amazing! They are so creative, inspiring, and they know no limits! My favorite thing about having more than 1 child is that, often, they will play nice together! Such sweet precious moments! Here are just some of the cute happy times captured in the last week or so.

Mhari is eating her cheese puffs and put them together and realized that they made a heart. Such a smarty! So cute. Everyone was enjoying this snack, but I think she figured this trick out on her own. She is so smart for a little 2 year old sometimes!

We have had these bandannas for a few months and the girls didn't do anything with them. One day Sandra finally came in asking to wear hers on her head. Then Mhari wanted one too. I felt like I should find a floor for them to scrub or something ... pretend Cinderella in all her humble beauty.

They are so fun when the enjoy doing the same things - and not fighting over them :).

One day the kids were playing and I realized they had paired up 1 boy and 1 girl together. I figured I better investigate and be sure everyone was being good :).
Grant was teaching Mhari to spin on the swing. It was very cute to watch and Mhari was getting pretty good too!

Talmage was upstairs teaching Sandra checkers. What a great big brother. He doesn't always have someone who can play the bigger games with him so he will usually play it against himself (or his animals). So sweet to see him spending time with his sister like that!

Some days I just need evidence that my kids love each other and can play without fighting :). I'm glad that overall they really do all love each other, even when they don't always get along.