Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost done...

We bought tile back in October to redo our kitchen. Let's just say there hasn't been time to get the project done until now. Jeff is in between semesters so there's finally enough time!

Our poor linoleum was so old that there were sections that weren't sticking. Here's just a sample of the pieces we had to take out and what the old floor looked like.

Here is Jeff at the beginning of the project. He started with all the pieces that didn't need to be cut and after that day he was really sore.

He is working on the edge pieces and under the appliances now. Let's just say that fixing dinner the last two nights has been interesting :).

He should have all the edges completed tonight. Then he'll have a day of letting it set before he does the grout. He's such a great worker! I'm looking forward to having my kitchen put back together with a beautiful new floor! I'll post finishes pictures when it's done (hopefully in just a few days!)

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Machelle said...

love home projects. It just makes me happy. Hope you are feeling ok.