Saturday, May 8, 2010

Digg'n the Dinos!

Last week the girls and I went with some friends to the children's museum. My kids love dinosaurs and the girls had a great time - the boys were really sad that we went while they were at school. It's hard to have to go off to school while the girls get to do all the cool stuff (although the girls would love to go to school and do all the cool stuff they do there).

The recently redid the museum and there were lots of great things to see and do!
This is the new huge dinosaur - so cool!

Here are the girls looking at the little one (sorry no names of the dinos).

Look at the huge footprint! It fits 3 girls!

Sandra looking at some fossils with the magnifier.

Shopping in the kid grocery store area. The girls loved filling their carts with food and checking out. They could do that all day - maybe I need to make a store in our playroom, hmmmm.

Outside there is a water play area with some other stuff. Here is Mhari learning how to balance.

Sandra climbing the water station - not sure she should be up there....

While outside Mhari found a little friend. She just loves babies and I looked over and saw her holding her hand and walking around with the little girl. It was too cute. The mommy was really nice about Mhari too. I'm a little nervous for our little one to join the family. Mhari has a lot of love to give ;).

Time to dig!
Sandra was really looking forward to digging for dinosaur bones. Mhari loved the sand! Sandra wasn't sure about how to dig for the bones...

Here is the bone - waiting to be brushed off. Not much to dig, but Sandra liked using the tools so it worked out :).

We had a great time! Thanks friends for taking us out with you! The girls were nice and tired afterwards too! We had a nice nap time when we got home!

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Tink said...

What a fun day! The water play area wasn't open last time I went - clearly it's time to go again! (: