Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Room...

Talmage's baby teeth have been hanging out way too long. They over stayed their welcome enough that the adult teeth were growing in behind the baby teeth (the dentist did tell us this would probably happen with his teeth). After getting the second tooth growing in and the baby teeth still just wiggling I told him he needed Daddy to pull his teeth.

I think it's funny because whenever I would wiggle his teeth (you know to try to get them to really move) he would whine and fuss about how it hurt. I don't think he whined once for Daddy, even after he yanked the first time and the tooth didn't come out.
He did a great job!

Here he is after the first tooth.

The little tooth that was never leaving...

The second one came out much easier. I think the root had been dissolved more than the first tooth.
Here are the two teeth together. Can you see the difference in their size?

The gap with the adult teeth growing in behind. Maybe now they will have room to move into place.

I'm happy that Jeff was able to get them out and that Talmage can finally have the experience of "losing" some teeth! They sure hung in there as long as they could!


Cindy Killebrew said...

That is exciting! They are growing up!

Alli said...

We've got a couple of kids that cling to their teeth like that, I tell them they looked like sharks with all those rows of teeth :) Good job yanking them out!

Machelle said...

you are too funny. Congrats Talmage on losing those teeth. How cute!!!