Friday, April 29, 2011


Now that the master bedroom is painted I started getting our pictures back out to put up. One of the main ones has a blue frame, and now that the room is blue too I felt like it needed an update.

I didn't think much about it till I had started painting it, so this is the back of the frame with the original color:

The trim we are doing in the room is going to be white so I figured a white frame would look nice, plus it would stand out better against the dark wall.

Here is the finished product :)

You can't see the detail so far away so I took a couple close ups to show that I roughed the edges to give it more of an antique feel.

I think it turned out well. I've actually painted another frame since this - this could be a new hobby - refurbishing frames ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Smartie!

So a while back I did a post called "Smart Kids Wear Glasses" and now it's time to add to my smart kids list... or kids who get to wear glasses, you pick :).

Grant has been having trouble reading the clock from across the room and the hymn numbers in the chapel... these are our signs that the kid is needing glasses. He was checked at school and the nurse sent the note home. Yup, he needed glasses.

He had his apt and within a couple of days his glasses were in. I sent Jeff to the Dr. apt so it was a surprise to me to see what Grant had picked out.

Here he is :)

They are actually a shiny silver, but the photo makes them look dark. Sorry for the confusion.
He is happy about them and now the trick will be to take good care of them. Grant is a little rambunctious and so I'm concerned how long it will be before the glasses need repairing.

We love our smarties!

Monday, April 25, 2011

the bottom layer!

The master bedroom is progressing still....

We got the blue paint and painted last week!

Now we need the trim, curtains, pictures up, etc. It really does feel so much better now that it's painted. Soon enough it will be finished and really feel like a master bedroom!

I think it's my favorite room in the house right now ;).

Fashion Statement!

Sandra is definitely our daughter that is aware of fashion and likes to look pretty - pretty much at all times, including while she sleeps. Part of the problem of this is that she does a lot of it herself. Sometimes it works out well, but some things she still needs help with...

Like doing head bands

Here's a better angle at her awesome hair!
I just couldn't resist taking a picture for her to see when she is older and wonders why she looks like that. That's when I say "You did it and you wouldn't let me fix it." Oh, such a girly girl. I'm sure I was the same way... and this is my payback as a mother ;). I just love her!!

10 months!!

Our little baby is growing up... already 10 months old! Clark is still such a joy in our family. He has really started becoming more independent and figuring out some fun stuff.

Here he is practicing getting down. He does well at being up and at being down, but the transitions are still slow and awkward. I think this is an area he has really improved on!

Here is Clark showing off how well he stands, and pulls himself up to stand! He thinks he can walk too, but he has no balance so that's going to be a little longer to figure out (thankfully).

He is also talking more and more. Last night the boys said he was saying "mama" in bed (when he was sad). That is the newest sound. He does dada and baba really well :). He loves to spit, and make other silly noises (like blowing air out). He loves to play with Mhari and will follow her around the house (it's like a chase game for Mhari).

He has also been growing more...
25 lbs
31 inches - according to mommy's measurements.

It won't be long before he's throwing fits, telling me "No!" and running away from me ;(. They really do grow up so fast! I love that he's so easy going and happy!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The best toy!

I think Daddy's make the best toys. The kids made a game with his legs...

The boys were trying to see who could keep his legs up the longest.

Oh, and Daddy was wearing his heavy work boots too :). It was very entertaining to watch!

Then after Daddy rolled over it became a tickle game... always a favorite!

See how well the kids work together ;)
He's so good to be their toy. The kids just love their Daddy! I think he's pretty great too!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

While the paint dries...

We are finally getting around to painting/decorating our master bedroom. It was emptied out with room transitions so what better time to paint - right? :).

Jeff has a paint sprayer so we figured this was the perfect time to use it. We taped off the bottom of the wall (since it will be a dark blue color) so Jeff could paint the vaulted walls and ceiling. It went really fast....

Here is Jeff at work :)

After a couple of coats of paint we were wondering if we had made the right choice...

We were sad and realized that we would need to roller the whole thing to make it even. Since we had used up most of our 5 gallon bucket we would need to buy more paint :(.

Then we let it dry... for several hours.

It was like a whole different room :).

No more splotchy spots! It looks great :)

Now I am looking forward to buying our blue paint so I can get it finished. It's been nice to move back in and have some color in the room :). It's starting to feel like a master bedroom!!

Lesson learned - don't freak out until the paint is actually all dry. Also, spraying will probably look bad until it's dry ;).

I'm so glad we don't have to redo it and that it only took Jeff a couple of hours to get it all sprayed! Yay!

Sweet Dreams

I just can't resist sleeping kids...

They are so beautiful ;)

Just love him! So precious

Mhari is too cute. I love that she wanted to read her Book of Mormon, but then also that she took a nap. 2 beautiful things together ;).
Happy Dreams my sweet children!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talmage's Night Fury

Talmage had his first pine ood derby a week ago. Jeff helped him make his car. He created a night fury - :)

So my pictures got out of order... but this is the tournament round, where he didn't advance... but still had a good time :).

Here is the night fury up close.

My camera batteries died that night so I took a picture later with Talmage and the car. He had a great time and his car didn't do too badly either.

We had warned him that he might not win (since we are such experienced car makers) and that he should just have a good time. Well, he only won 1 race, but it was still very exciting. Otherwise he came in second on the races. He was a good sport and made it into the tournament round.

Here is the race he won (barely).

There will be many more years of derbies for us and our boys. Sandra is disappointed that the girls don't do pine wood derbies too :). Silly girl!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It takes Talent!

The kids have been doing some "fun" stuff recently. Thought I'd share some of the cute photos :) One night at dinner something came up about doing things with our tongues - like making taco tongues, twisting tongues etc. We all tried to touch our nose with our tongue too... 1 of us can actually do it :) Look at that awesome talent! Sandra's always had a talented tongue! She could do taco tongue as a baby :). We had recently had our friends over (who moved far away) and Clark learned how to share his Cheerios. Well, at this age it's pretty easy to share, but I couldn't resist sharing the photo :).

Speaking of Cheerios...

Really, he was teething, had just sneezed, and was, well, gross, but I had to get a picture of that cheerio on his eye :). What a good Mommy I am.

So funny! When Talmage was a baby he once had one stuck on the tip of his nose... seriously too cute. I don't think I ever got a picture though - probably why I took so many of this one :)

Sandra is back for more talent to show off - this time maybe it's a lack of talent :(.

She was playing on the playground at school and tripped on the stairs and bit her lip. It looked pretty bad. The nurse called, Jeff went to pick her up. It is almost all healed now, but for a while she had Angelina Jolie lips ;).

Who knows what other talents our kids have waiting to show off :).