Monday, April 4, 2011

It takes Talent!

The kids have been doing some "fun" stuff recently. Thought I'd share some of the cute photos :) One night at dinner something came up about doing things with our tongues - like making taco tongues, twisting tongues etc. We all tried to touch our nose with our tongue too... 1 of us can actually do it :) Look at that awesome talent! Sandra's always had a talented tongue! She could do taco tongue as a baby :). We had recently had our friends over (who moved far away) and Clark learned how to share his Cheerios. Well, at this age it's pretty easy to share, but I couldn't resist sharing the photo :).

Speaking of Cheerios...

Really, he was teething, had just sneezed, and was, well, gross, but I had to get a picture of that cheerio on his eye :). What a good Mommy I am.

So funny! When Talmage was a baby he once had one stuck on the tip of his nose... seriously too cute. I don't think I ever got a picture though - probably why I took so many of this one :)

Sandra is back for more talent to show off - this time maybe it's a lack of talent :(.

She was playing on the playground at school and tripped on the stairs and bit her lip. It looked pretty bad. The nurse called, Jeff went to pick her up. It is almost all healed now, but for a while she had Angelina Jolie lips ;).

Who knows what other talents our kids have waiting to show off :).

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Katie Busken said...

I love the picture of Clark with the cheerio on his eye. I'm surprised he wasn't trying to get it off. He's such a cutie!