Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talmage's Night Fury

Talmage had his first pine ood derby a week ago. Jeff helped him make his car. He created a night fury - :)

So my pictures got out of order... but this is the tournament round, where he didn't advance... but still had a good time :).

Here is the night fury up close.

My camera batteries died that night so I took a picture later with Talmage and the car. He had a great time and his car didn't do too badly either.

We had warned him that he might not win (since we are such experienced car makers) and that he should just have a good time. Well, he only won 1 race, but it was still very exciting. Otherwise he came in second on the races. He was a good sport and made it into the tournament round.

Here is the race he won (barely).

There will be many more years of derbies for us and our boys. Sandra is disappointed that the girls don't do pine wood derbies too :). Silly girl!

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Tink said...

His car was awesome! I'm glad he had fun. I always wanted to do pinewood derbies, too - I heard about a ward recently that had it for EVERYONE, with divisions for Elder's Quorum, High Priests, Primary, Youth, and Relief Society. Wouldn't that be fun? (: