Wednesday, April 13, 2011

While the paint dries...

We are finally getting around to painting/decorating our master bedroom. It was emptied out with room transitions so what better time to paint - right? :).

Jeff has a paint sprayer so we figured this was the perfect time to use it. We taped off the bottom of the wall (since it will be a dark blue color) so Jeff could paint the vaulted walls and ceiling. It went really fast....

Here is Jeff at work :)

After a couple of coats of paint we were wondering if we had made the right choice...

We were sad and realized that we would need to roller the whole thing to make it even. Since we had used up most of our 5 gallon bucket we would need to buy more paint :(.

Then we let it dry... for several hours.

It was like a whole different room :).

No more splotchy spots! It looks great :)

Now I am looking forward to buying our blue paint so I can get it finished. It's been nice to move back in and have some color in the room :). It's starting to feel like a master bedroom!!

Lesson learned - don't freak out until the paint is actually all dry. Also, spraying will probably look bad until it's dry ;).

I'm so glad we don't have to redo it and that it only took Jeff a couple of hours to get it all sprayed! Yay!

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Cindy Killebrew said...

That would have scared me too! It looks great though! I love the color too!