Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

We had a nice Memorial Day with family.  Jeff's parents were still in town and so we invited Nathan and Tiffany, and Michelle and Jonathan over for a BBQ.  It was a nice evening!


We let the kids roast marshmallows for dessert!

All of the adults hanging out and talking


 Lorna roasting her own marshmallow!

 Daddy helping Bug with her marshmallow

Fixing it up

Sunday evening as we were on our way walking Nathan and Tiffany out to the car we saw an amazing lightning storm!  It was fun to see the light show!  Here are just a couple pictures:

Just a cute picture of the pets.  The kids love them!

Our beautiful Foo Foo bunny!

Now onto the fixing...

Our buyers wanted the attic entrance in the garage to have a door so we had to get that project done.  The kids enjoyed helping Jeff get it done!



Mhari ... getting a little Daddy power to help!

Hammering up the internal board.


Talmage up in the attic.

Jeff cutting the board.

The attic door turned out really well.  Glad that project got done!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Williams Silliness!

Jeff's parents came to town because Michelle's son, Jonathan, came home from his mission.  They spent a lot of time helping him get settled.  When they come to town they stay with us.  This happened to be in the middle of packing, but we all survived!  Anyway, one evening Jeff started making a funny face by puffing up his upper lip with air.  Then Jeff's dad tried it and before I knew it the kids had joined them!  It was really funny to watch these Williams' make such silly faces!  My face doesn't do that :)

Grant, Grandpa, and Daddy  

Talmage and Lorna joined in the fun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


While playing at the pool today I heard Sandra get mad at Grant.  I didn't think too much of it because that's life sometimes with kids.  Then as she was yelling she said that it hit her in the head.  That got my attention and I looked over as she was coming to me and her head was bleeding.  Oh, poor girl!  We got some paper towels from the bathroom and held pressure on the wound.  Grant threw a water squirter at her and the point of it landed on her forehead.  It dented it and cut through the skin.  It was a circle indent for a little bit.  The cut looks like the top of a triangle. 

Because the cut was bad enough I decided to super glue it shut.  Once we got it all glued together Sandra was much happier.  I'm so grateful that it wasn't too serious and that Sandra was able to recover so well! 

We love our little Chica girl!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pearly Whites!

Clark and Lorna had dental check ups.  This was Lorna's first time to go in all by herself without seeing a sibling do it first.  She did great, even though she was a little nervous.  Her little teeth are doing great too!  Clark is a great little patient and does what the Hygienist needs him to do!  We love those little pearly white teeth!

I couldn't help but take a picture of her with her sunglasses on.  Such a cutie!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dallas Zoo Field Trip

Our last field trip of the year was to the Dallas Zoo!  The kids had a blast... they always do!  It was a beautiful day and a treat to go with friends from Co-op!  I enjoyed taking it slow and keeping track of the kids.  They love the animals and learning about them that they could stay all day at the zoo! 

Here are just a few fun pictures!

Bree, Clark, Lorna, and Peyton. 

 Talmage and Grant 

 Our awesome kids!  This was only part of the group too! 

 We sure love going on field trips! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

37 years

For my birthday this year there wasn't anything too exciting planned.  We just accepted an offer on our house the week before so I have been packing.  I know that sounds like a great present ... ;).  I did take the morning to relax and take a bath.  Tiffany came over and gave me a massage!  That was a nice treat!  Then we had a math class meeting to go to for Talmage and Ella.  That night Jeff and Nathan had a soccer game so I enjoyed cheering for them!  Another year gone and hopefully many more to come! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


So we have been trying to move for a while.... and things finally seem to be coming together, after some drama of course.  The first house we had a contract on we got out of the contract because of the inspection reports (and the seller not willing to work with us).  Even though we didn't have a house to buy our house was still on the market.  That was actually quite stressful.  What happens if we sold our house and had no where to move?!  Anyway we sat for a little bit with the house on the market, while seriously contemplating just being done trying to move.  We went on one more house hunting trip with our realtor, Jada, just trying to show we were willing to look, but weren't optimistic about any of the homes we were going to look at. 
While on this house hunting trip we found a great house.  We decided to put an offer in (a week or so later).  They ended up with competing offers and took the other offer over ours.  We were really at a loss at this point and moving seemed to be off the table.  A week or so later we were contacted by the seller that their first offer had fallen through and they were wondering if we were still interested.  We decided to go for it.  It was craziness!  So, we had a contract on a house again and really needed to sell ours.  Oh, the house buying drama!  This was in April.  We weren't getting any good offers though.  By the end of April we were ready to be done with the contract and weren't sure it was worth trying to extend our option period with the sellers.  We ended up extending.  Finally in May we got a good offer and had a contract on our home!  It was a relief, but now the closing was to be by the end of May!  Talk about stress!  There was not enough time to get our whole house packed and everything set for the new house, but that didn't matter it was happening whether there was time or not! 
Here is some of our packing progress :)

Jeff worked with the kids to go through the game closet!


The boys working on the games.

Me, packing up the dining room.

One of the days we had a showing we rushed around cleaning (seriously like 10 minute notice here) and shoving things wherever we could.  For a couple of weeks I couldn't find most of our spoons.  I swore we had a spoon thief.  Then as I was packing the kitchen I found the missing spoons, along with a few bowls I hadn't realized were gone.  I guess Grant put them up here on the top shelf and had forgotten about them.  It was a fun packing surprise!

Our empty school room!

It feels great to be making progress, but moving is no walk in the park, that's for sure!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ward Picnic and a harvest!

Sometimes it amazes me how little pictures I take.  We had our ward picnic at Lynn Creek Park the evening after we got home from our trip.  The park is at a beach on Joe Pool Lake.  We invited Nathan and Tiffany and the cousins.  We had a great time eating and playing. The little kids spent most of their time playing on the shore.  I'm glad they had such a great time!  Nathan, Tiffany, and I spent time playing volleyball with some other people on the beach.  It turned out to be not a great game, but it was fun to try.  Jeff and I enjoyed visiting with some of the people in the ward too :). 

Clark, Lorna and Mhari! 

Talmage got a strawberry plant and after all of his time watering it and caring for it he actually got strawberries!  They were so cute! 
Happy times!

Time to Fly!

We flew out Wednesday night.  This was the kids first time to fly so they were pretty excited!  I was nervous to see how the kids did on the flight, but everyone did great!  It's amazing what a difference having electronics can make to entertain the kids ;)

Here we are waiting for our flight. 

We flew home Saturday.  To get such good airfare we had a super early flight.  OK, so not so early it was ridiculous, but trying to wake up early and make it to the airport early turns into waking up at 4 am... so ya, early enough for me.  The kids were sleeping so well, it was hard to wake them up.   The time change is sure torture when heading home! 

Everyone did really well on the flights!  We took 3 rows and everyone had a great time! 


Little Lorna was so tired that she fell asleep for a nap!

 Talmage and Grant got to play on electronics the whole time ... so they had fun!

Little Chica enjoying the flight.

When Lorna did wake up she got to play on a nook for a little bit. 

Our happy Clark!

Silly Clark and Daddy!  They had too much fun taking pictures!

Happy Lorna

Mommy and Lorna silly faces!
I was really so grateful that everyone did so well at the airport and on the plane.  It really made our trip so much nicer to be able to fly!  Yay for fast family trips!