Thursday, May 5, 2016

Family Vegas Trip!

Jeff had a conference in Las Vegas and we found some awesome airfare so we decided to take the whole family!  We flew out late Wednesday and stayed at the Wyndham Hotel.  It was just off the strip and our room had 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen!  The hotel even has a shuttle to the local grocery store.  That ended up saving us tons of money on food!  The hotel even had a game room and rented out movies too.  The pool was pretty fun, even though it was a bit cool for swimming. 

At the game room they had video games, air hockey, pool, and even blocks for the little kids!
Lorna with her block tower!

Jeff playing pool with another guest.

We did make the mistake of listening to the time share presentation.  That was a bit of a nightmare and wasted morning.  We did score a gift card that paid for the kids souvenirs, so that was the only good thing that came from it. 

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