Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time to Fly!

We flew out Wednesday night.  This was the kids first time to fly so they were pretty excited!  I was nervous to see how the kids did on the flight, but everyone did great!  It's amazing what a difference having electronics can make to entertain the kids ;)

Here we are waiting for our flight. 

We flew home Saturday.  To get such good airfare we had a super early flight.  OK, so not so early it was ridiculous, but trying to wake up early and make it to the airport early turns into waking up at 4 am... so ya, early enough for me.  The kids were sleeping so well, it was hard to wake them up.   The time change is sure torture when heading home! 

Everyone did really well on the flights!  We took 3 rows and everyone had a great time! 


Little Lorna was so tired that she fell asleep for a nap!

 Talmage and Grant got to play on electronics the whole time ... so they had fun!

Little Chica enjoying the flight.

When Lorna did wake up she got to play on a nook for a little bit. 

Our happy Clark!

Silly Clark and Daddy!  They had too much fun taking pictures!

Happy Lorna

Mommy and Lorna silly faces!
I was really so grateful that everyone did so well at the airport and on the plane.  It really made our trip so much nicer to be able to fly!  Yay for fast family trips!

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