Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bluebonnet Beauties!

It's springtime in Texas and that always means Bluebonnets!  I actually hadn't done bluebonnet pictures for several years.  Often the kids don't like being in the flowers because their tends to be bugs in the flowers ;).  I also have a hard time coordinating the kids and making everyone look just perfect for the perfect bluebonnet pictures. 
Well, this year I just wanted some fun pictures and spur of the moment made it happen.  Let's just say that the kids aren't in the perfect outfits or what not, but they are mine, and this is what they look like in our family everyday :).  Sometimes it's nicer to have the real version anyway!

Lorna!  Such a cute  bug!

Talmage ... getting so grown up!


Sandra Chica

Couldn't help it... she was being really cute!

Mhari Punkin

They really are a beautiful group of kids!

The kids saw these other wild flowers and really wanted more pictures done ;)

Clark is in the smiling stage that is just a bit awkward.  We got a good one in the orange flowers, even if we didn't with the bluebonnets.

Love his cute smile!

I love that the kids let me take their pictures and enjoy posing for me (as much as they do).  I love getting to capture beautiful moments that I can keep forever... especially when they are all growing up so fast!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Slamming Doors

The kids were coming in and out of the garage when suddenly I heard Clark screaming!  It was a scary scream and I went to see what had happened.  Evidently he had slammed the door shut, but hadn't moved his hand fast enough and the door caught his middle finger.  Our door out to the garage is heavy and I was really nervous that he had broken his finger!  When I looked at it after running it under cold water I saw the skin had slid all the way up his nail bed and it was all exposed.  I helped massage the skin back into place and got him something cold to put his finger in.  Then I got some pain medicine and held him while he tried to calm down.  He was so sad.  It really was heart breaking.  I decided I should take him to urgent care to be sure he hadn't broken anything. 

By the time we got there he was calming down.   The medicine had finally kicked in.  I was glad that he was feeling better.  We did bring his stuffed owl, Swoops, with us to help him be happy.  After talking with the Dr., and getting x-rays it all came back that he was fine.  I was happy that it wasn't more serious and we could just monitor it's healing at home.  Getting hurt is no fun, but Clark did a great job with his finger.  I felt so bad because he's left handed.  Doing school work was no fun for a few weeks!  Here are some pictures of the first week or so.

The first day!

Waiting at urgent care with Swoops

Showing how thick his finger was swollen. 

Two hands to compare

 The bruise on the underside of his finger.

Healing up

Looking good!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beautiful Butterflies!

We went on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens for their butterfly exhibit! The trip included three different areas of learning about butterflies before we got to go out into the conservatory to be with the butterflies.    In the first room the kids got to decorate their own butterfly design.  The second room we learned about butterfly behavior and in the last room they taught the kids about the life cycle of the butterfly.  Our favorite part was getting to be in with all of the butterflies!  I even had one land on my hand!  They are so beautiful!  We will plan to do this field trip again in the future!!

Everyone decorating their butterflies.

The cool designs the kids made

 This is the butterfly that landed on me!   

There were so many different types of butterflies!

Lorna had a good time, until one got too close to her! She was scared it was going to land on her!  The butterfly is near the ground. 

Punkin holding a butterfly

Tiffany :)


Tiffany even put one on Owen's nose!

Talmage passing the butterfly to Sandra

Our beautiful children :)

Monday, March 21, 2016


Sandra has had a cross bite forever!  I finally got her all set up to get an expander and fix her cross bite!  She was excited!  After she got it I don't think she was as excited about it anymore :).  We have really liked our orthodontist we used for Talmage's teeth so we went back to him for Sandra's treatment.  This time the treatment was scheduled to last about 9 months and just work to expand her upper jaw.  We got the expander in in August and out in March!  I would say that was good work done nice and quickly!  Sandra's expander was nice because it hid in the roof of her mouth.  It bothered her tongue though.  Now she has a retainer to help hold the space as her adult teeth come in. 

Here are some fun before and after shots!

Her right upper canine is hiding under her lower tooth :(.

She even got a bite guard to help while the tooth was moving out to the correct position.  Its the clear plastic on covering her lower teeth (hard to see)

This is what's doing all of that work!

She was thrilled to get it out!

She has so much room and her teeth are all where they belong!

Way to go Sandra! 
Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


The kids love to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy.  I think Jeff would have all 6 on him all of the time if there was room.  Sometimes it becomes a little much, but really I love that our kids love us so much!  Mhari was cuddling on Jeff and being super cute.  I took some pictures and then the silly faces started coming out.  All at the same time Lorna was on me cuddling and had to have our pictures taken too!  It turned into a very silly couch cuddle time!

Daddy and Punkin 

Mommy and Bug

Group shot!

I think our little bug likes the camera a little too much!  Yay for our sweet kids and lots and lots of cuddles!