Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beautiful Butterflies!

We went on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens for their butterfly exhibit! The trip included three different areas of learning about butterflies before we got to go out into the conservatory to be with the butterflies.    In the first room the kids got to decorate their own butterfly design.  The second room we learned about butterfly behavior and in the last room they taught the kids about the life cycle of the butterfly.  Our favorite part was getting to be in with all of the butterflies!  I even had one land on my hand!  They are so beautiful!  We will plan to do this field trip again in the future!!

Everyone decorating their butterflies.

The cool designs the kids made

 This is the butterfly that landed on me!   

There were so many different types of butterflies!

Lorna had a good time, until one got too close to her! She was scared it was going to land on her!  The butterfly is near the ground. 

Punkin holding a butterfly

Tiffany :)


Tiffany even put one on Owen's nose!

Talmage passing the butterfly to Sandra

Our beautiful children :)

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