Friday, March 18, 2016

Springtime in Paris

Well, it was spring break and we were in Paris, TX.  That's as close as we are getting right now ;).  It was a fun day trip with the kids to get to experience a fun town not too far away from us.  We had originally planned for Wednesday, but when Nathan took the van keys our trip got delayed to Friday.  That ended up working out really well though because the museums we visited were only opened on Friday and Saturday.  Then we were contending with rain storms.  It was crazy.  We got to see the cemetery when we first arrived, but then the rain came.  We headed over to the museums and while there it hailed.  It was a bummer to not get to spend more time outside, but overall it was a great trip!

The first museum we went to was about the history of Paris.  One of the interesting stories was about the big fire of 1916, 100 years ago!  Plus there was a lot of antique stuff that we got to see up close and personal!

Check out that piano!

 The fire of 1916.  The map shows the path of the fire over the map of the town.

 Photos of the damage

A picture that helped motivate the people after the fire.

 Tiny Alamo toy house!

 Clark demonstrating how people used to bathe. 

Sandra with an old school roller skate

The touching table!  Time to experience the past!


The guide showing the kids the snow cone maker

 Grant demonstrating the donkey pack

Mhari in the telephone booth

 Learning about the iron lung.

The Paris, TX tower

The Paris, France Tower!

Panoramic photos of Paris ... which one is which?  These were in the restrooms!

 Entrance to the restrooms:

Much better once you open the door ;)

The mighty hail came while we were inside.  Gus took a beating!

 Decent size hail

Our second museum!  This one was across the parking lot and holds rotating exhibits.  They also had fun activities for the kids to do. 

Real motorized dinosaur head!

 Craft time

 Of course there is a cowboy hat on top! 

We made it to the Paris tower!

Fun dragon statue and the local college ;)

It was an adventure for sure!  So glad we got out and enjoyed a cute small town!

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