Saturday, March 19, 2016

Car Show Time!

We had been to a car show at the state fair in October, but Jeff couldn't make it out with us.  I heard about the car show coming to the Dallas Convention center and after talking with Jeff we made a fun family date out of it.  There were tons of cars, but our favorites were the Ford trucks.  Seriously sitting in the F-250 was amazing!  Definitely the best vehicle in our book!  The kids loved seeing the fun cars and sitting in them!  Here are some of the fun pictures we took at the car show:

Jeff and the kids with the F-250 

Me driving the Mercedes

Jeff's turn

All of us sitting in the Ford Expedition

Lorna wanted to take another picture ... silly girl

This one was so pretty!  Jeff enjoying the awesome F-250

Lorna got tired of walking around so much, but Talmage was a trooper and offered her a piggy back ride.  Such a good big brother.  Lorna is mastering the silly photos!

We all had a great time!  Glad we were able to bring Jeff this time!  Yay for car shows!

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