Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bluebonnet Beauties!

It's springtime in Texas and that always means Bluebonnets!  I actually hadn't done bluebonnet pictures for several years.  Often the kids don't like being in the flowers because their tends to be bugs in the flowers ;).  I also have a hard time coordinating the kids and making everyone look just perfect for the perfect bluebonnet pictures. 
Well, this year I just wanted some fun pictures and spur of the moment made it happen.  Let's just say that the kids aren't in the perfect outfits or what not, but they are mine, and this is what they look like in our family everyday :).  Sometimes it's nicer to have the real version anyway!

Lorna!  Such a cute  bug!

Talmage ... getting so grown up!


Sandra Chica

Couldn't help it... she was being really cute!

Mhari Punkin

They really are a beautiful group of kids!

The kids saw these other wild flowers and really wanted more pictures done ;)

Clark is in the smiling stage that is just a bit awkward.  We got a good one in the orange flowers, even if we didn't with the bluebonnets.

Love his cute smile!

I love that the kids let me take their pictures and enjoy posing for me (as much as they do).  I love getting to capture beautiful moments that I can keep forever... especially when they are all growing up so fast!

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