Monday, March 21, 2016


Sandra has had a cross bite forever!  I finally got her all set up to get an expander and fix her cross bite!  She was excited!  After she got it I don't think she was as excited about it anymore :).  We have really liked our orthodontist we used for Talmage's teeth so we went back to him for Sandra's treatment.  This time the treatment was scheduled to last about 9 months and just work to expand her upper jaw.  We got the expander in in August and out in March!  I would say that was good work done nice and quickly!  Sandra's expander was nice because it hid in the roof of her mouth.  It bothered her tongue though.  Now she has a retainer to help hold the space as her adult teeth come in. 

Here are some fun before and after shots!

Her right upper canine is hiding under her lower tooth :(.

She even got a bite guard to help while the tooth was moving out to the correct position.  Its the clear plastic on covering her lower teeth (hard to see)

This is what's doing all of that work!

She was thrilled to get it out!

She has so much room and her teeth are all where they belong!

Way to go Sandra! 
Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile!

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