Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's Go Fly a Kite

We have decided to sell our home in Mansfield and move up into Arlington, TX.  We found a house that has great potential and put an offer in.  After negotiating we settled on a price and we had a contract!  We were shocked really.  I don't think we actually expected to really find something that would work for us!  That also meant that we needed to sell our house!  I think that is maybe even more terrifying that getting a new house.  Plus it all happened so fast!  We got the house ready for pictures and showings and before we knew it we had showings!  

This particular day we ended up with very little notice.  We did what we needed and headed out to the neighborhood park to fly kites.  The kids had a blast and it turned into a great FHE night :). 

Sandra seemed to have the magic touch and never tired of flying the kites.  She even helped her siblings get their kites up in the air.  Jeff met up with us after work and he jumped right in helping with the kites.  It was a very nice evening.  Too bad the wind didn't last just a little bit longer!



Me helping Mhari

Lorna loves her kite, even if she's not that good at flying it yet :)

 Talmage trying to get his kite flying. 

Daddy helping with the tangled kite string.

Clark's kite had gotten stuck in a tree, but after a little help we got it down and fixed up!

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