Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tummy Time!

Little Lorna just keeps getting older.  I figured it was time to see how she did for some tummy time.  She can lift her head, but doesn't keep it up for too long.  

So cute

Oh, and Clark loves her :).  I think she loves him too... she loves all of us right now... getting to be a good smiler!
She is such a joy and she's going to just keep growing.  
Love her!

Cute Kids

So I ended up washing Clark's church shirt with a pink skirt... let's just say it wasn't very white anymore.  Well, it was more like a white polo shirt and I figure that this was a good time to pull out the nice button up :).  I even had a little boy tie!  I had his older brothers wearing this when they were this young, but I think he's just adorable!!

He even leaves the tie alone.  I think he likes looking like his brothers!

I love how a box can be the best toy!  I know it's hard to see but most of the kids are in the box... their new hide out!

Clark had to join the fun too!  
We love summer!  Free time that kids get to enjoy each other and be creative!  Good times :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Say Cheese!

After returning home from our trip and doing pictures there we realized that we really didn't care for our photos and needed to redo them.  We took a trip to the Botanic Gardens with a photographer in hand and got some good shots.


Love this one :)

Clark 2 years old

Lorna 2 months old

cute tongue!

Mhari 4 years old

Sandra 6 years old (such a poser)

Grant 8 years old

Talmage 9 years old

Jeff and I

Love him :)

Mommy and Lorna!

Love her!

So cuddly

Daddy and Lorna

All of the girls

All of the boys  

Our awesome photographer!  Thanks for helping us out Kayla!  We love you :)

Now we can have updated pictures on our wall... at last ;).  It's crazy to see my kids growing up.  I know it's not going to slow down either ;(.  

Happy Fourth of July!

This year for the 4th of July we were invited over to our friends house to celebrate.  There were several families there, lots of food, and tons of awesome fireworks!  We brought water balloons to share and the kids had fun with balls and a pogo stick while it was still light out!  It was a fun night to be outside and let the kids really enjoy the country life too :).  Here are some fun pics of the evening.

Kayla helping Mhari do the pogo stick

Sandra trying the pogo stick out

Grant could do a few hops in a row :)

Stephanie enjoyed holding Lorna.  I'm glad my baby gets such great love and attention :)

Kayla and Sandra

Talmage on the pogo stick





The fireworks show!  There were several neighbors lighting off fireworks too!  Everyone had a great time enjoying the action!

Hunny :)

Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th and celebrated our awesome country!  

Finishing up Phoenix

So technically it was Glendale, but I couldn't resist the sound of it :).

This is how we spent our last day with family... or just a few pictures of what happened:

Talmage made a dragon game.  He played with his cousins.  So cute to see his creativity in action!

The brothers played Axis and Allies

Kids watching Madagascar.  They really enjoyed that movie!

Clark.  So cute!

Playing with Simon
It was great to spend time with family and for the kids to enjoy their cousins.  It could be a while before we do that long drive again though.  Good-bye valley of the sun, we will miss you... well, miss the people anyway, not the heat!

A day with Grandma Whitmer

We got to hang out with my mom at her house.  Her schedule can be super crazy so it was great to have some time to visit :).  We watched Mr. Popper's Penguins, ate lunch, played with animals, and celebrated Clark's birthday.  

Here are the kids getting the dogs to do tricks:

Clark with Dash

Grant shaking Roscoe's hand

Mhari petting Shake

Sandra getting ready to give the dogs a treat

Clark opening his present... cute bear!

Grandma Whitmer and Lorna

Thanks for letting us come play mom!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I love to see the temple

While we were in phx we headed to the east valley to see some friends.  I thought it would be  nice to go by the Mesa Temple while we were over by it and show it off to the kids.  They were so little last time we were there as a family (maybe just had Talmage) so it was fun to bring them all.  

Here they are in front of the Christus statue in the visitors center.

Jeff and the kids looking at a model of Jerusalem.  


There are two new temples under construction in the valley, but I will always love this temple!  It was where we were married 11 1/2 years ago.  I was happy to get to share our temple with our children :).  

I'm bummed that I didn't take any pictures of our fun night hanging out with the Quinn family.  It was great to see them again and the kids had a blast too!