Sunday, July 8, 2012


One of the disadvantages of taking pictures on a phone is that I tend not to blog them... 

I decided to do a catch up of some of the fun photos from the phone...

Clark fell down the stairs :(. Poor guy!  

Jeff and his dad in their new cowboy hats.  Sometimes it's quite funny how much Jeff and his dad look alike :)

Clark bonding with Grandpa.  They really had a great time together.

Clark is at an age where he doesn't always love new people.  He warmed right up to his grandparents though.

Jeff kissing on Lorna.  He was being so cute with her.  She was about 6 weeks old here.

Clark was playing with a kitchen towel... on his head... more like peekaboo.  So fun!

This is the basket we take to church for Lorna.  All of the babies have had a turn in it.  I guess Clark thought it looked more fun to play in than to leave it to the new baby.

Daddy and Lorna!

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