Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 Year old Biggness!

While we were on vacation our baby biggness, AKA Clark, turned 2!  We celebrated with my family (see earlier post) and Jeff's family.  Here are the photos from the birthday celebration:

Opening presents:

The birthday cake... I mean, ice cream sandwich :).  

I think he liked it!

Clark is such a wonderful boy!  He has been so laid back and happy, he's a joy to our family!  Now that he's 2 he tends to throw more fits, but nothing terrible.  He will go to his room when I tell him to (so he can calm down) and then we are all fine.  He loves his baby sister and is now saying Lorna.  He has started talking much more also!  It's great to hear him saying new words all the time!  His favorite toys are still balls and cars.  He likes trains too and calls them "choo choo".  These last two years went by so fast! We love you Clark!

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