Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 year old baby girl!

Lorna is our big 5 year old!  We celebrated her birthday a day early because Grandma and Grandpa were still in town.  Lorna has been so excited for her birthday!  She requested new clothes and a doll house with stairs.  She is a happy girl who loves to play and have fun.  She loves playing with Clark and Mhari.  Bree is her favorite cousin.  She loves animals, especially stuffed animals!  She is still very girly and loves pink, purple, dresses, and sparkly things!  Lorna is growing up all too fast!  
Here she is enjoying opening presents and her cake!

Fun pillow from the cousins 


Grandma and Grandpas gift!

 New clothes!

The dollhouse with stairs.  She liked it, but wished it was bigger.

 All of the present goodies

Lorna helped decorate her cake with tigers!  She loves all types of cats!

Make a wish! 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

End of the Season

For the last day of the season it was also playoffs.  If Mhari or Clark's team won they would have had another game.  I wasn't too sad when they didn't win, but they did both end up going to goal kicks to decide the winner.  That was pretty stressful for Mhari since she has never done this before.  She did pretty well considering it was her first time.  Unfortunately the other team got more goals than we did.  

Mhari covering the goal

Lorna's last game was against another team named Blue Jays with blue jerseys.  It got pretty confusing.  She did well, but needs to be a little more aggressive to get the ball and go and score.  

Lorna kicking off

Break time with Mommy

Lorna doing a throw in.

Lorna's medal!

Lorna's team

The Y was having a healthy kid day going on inside the building so after Lorna's game Mhari, Lorna, and I went to check out the fun stuff for a few minutes.  They got goodie bags full of fun stuff, met the Chick-fil-a cow and got to go inside a fire truck!

Clark doing his goal kick.  He did awesome!

It was too bad the other team got more goals, but Clark had a blast.  Yay for soccer.... and yay for the end of soccer season :)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Field Trip to the Zoo!

Co-op did a field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was too bad that every other school decided to also be on a field trip to the zoo that same day!  Getting into the zoo was kind of a crazy event.  Once we were inside it wasn't too bad.  The kids split up between parents and we met back up for lunch.  Talmage and Grant got to hang out with the teenagers for a little bit so they enjoyed that.  I ended up with Lorna and the little people.  I enjoy seeing the kids enjoy the animals, plus I get some good walking in at the zoo ;).  

Lorna and the Lion

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Surgery Time

Jeff has been having some medical issues.  He noticed that one tesitcal was larger than the other and getting uncomfortable.  He finally went to the Dr. and then a specialist.... to find out he most likely has testicular cancer and needs surgery to remove the cancerous testical.  There are lots of cancers that are worse to get so really, this was not terrible news.  Pretty much once the testical is removed there is minimal chance of cancer coming back.  Jeff got some imaging done and he was able to get Jeff's surgery set for the end of April.  

Jeff's parents came to town to be there for the surgery.  They were able to stay home with the kids, while I was gone with Jeff.  The surgery went well.  After that we had to wait for Jeff to wake up so I could get him home.  His body doesn't respond well to narcotics so after being under he was really hard to wake up and nauseous.  He just really wanted to sleep.  He ended up being the longest patient to wake up while we were there.  This surgery really took it's toll!

Ready to get surgery done with!

He did not want to wake up!

I am grateful for good doctors and hopefully moving past this medical issue.  

Jeff is such a hard worker!  He is so focused to take care of our family and keep his business going!  I am so proud of all that he has accomplished!  He is the best Daddy our kids could have!  I love him and am so grateful for his support!  We could not do all that we do without him and his hard work!  I know work is a stressful thing, but we don't need his body to be killed off by the stress!  Now it's time to work to reduce expenses and stress!  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Little Puff Balls!

We have some geese friends that come visit our house.  They like to eat the weeds right outside of our windows.  This time they have brought their little puff ball babies with them!  The goslings are so cute!  They enjoyed the weeds too!  They have come by to visit several days in a row!  We love our little visitors!




Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Soccer

There is still more soccer... almost done, but not quite :).  Saturdays are pretty busy with 3 games to attend!

This game was pretty cold... Lorna wore her jacket under her jersey!   

Clark with his coach

 Mhari as goalie.  She does well, especially with all of the stress of being a goalie!

So close to scoring!

 Got it!