Friday, April 14, 2017

Finishing touches

It sometimes takes me a while to finish a project... OK, like every project.  We painted the boys room forever ago and I wanted to add some trees to their dark blue wall.  I found some cool trees on clearance at Target so now I just had to put them on the wall!  We finally got around to doing it and rearranged the boys room a bit at the same time.  I have some more trees that I had for the girls room, but we painted their trees instead... so I could add more to the boys room if we want.  Well, it's done for now anyway :).  

Here are the fun trees with some birds in the boys room!

What it looks like when you walk in

The boys wanted all of their beds on the same side of the room.  Now they have a huge area to play!  They definitely use the play space too!  

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