Saturday, April 29, 2017

End of the Season

For the last day of the season it was also playoffs.  If Mhari or Clark's team won they would have had another game.  I wasn't too sad when they didn't win, but they did both end up going to goal kicks to decide the winner.  That was pretty stressful for Mhari since she has never done this before.  She did pretty well considering it was her first time.  Unfortunately the other team got more goals than we did.  

Mhari covering the goal

Lorna's last game was against another team named Blue Jays with blue jerseys.  It got pretty confusing.  She did well, but needs to be a little more aggressive to get the ball and go and score.  

Lorna kicking off

Break time with Mommy

Lorna doing a throw in.

Lorna's medal!

Lorna's team

The Y was having a healthy kid day going on inside the building so after Lorna's game Mhari, Lorna, and I went to check out the fun stuff for a few minutes.  They got goodie bags full of fun stuff, met the Chick-fil-a cow and got to go inside a fire truck!

Clark doing his goal kick.  He did awesome!

It was too bad the other team got more goals, but Clark had a blast.  Yay for soccer.... and yay for the end of soccer season :)

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