Thursday, January 26, 2012

I can see clearly now ;)

The time has come for Talmage to get new glasses.  Really, I am a slacker when it comes to these sort of things. I think it has something to do with making appointments and also paying for things.  You would think that now that Jeff is out of school and has a good job paying for my son's glasses would be no biggie... well, I also don't like dealing with eye Dr.s... let's just say this could have all been done last Oct, but I wasn't happy with our Dr.  To make this long story short, he had an apt in Dec with a new Dr. and I got his glasses in January.  

I had heard about some online glasses options from friends and decided to try it out  (  The frames were just under $10!  He needs nice lenses because he has very poor vision, but still the total for everything (high index lenses, anti reflective coating, scratch resistant, etc) was just over $40!  This helps a lot with not wanting to spend tons of money on new glasses :).  

He also wanted to try the plastic frames instead of the wire ones...

I think they turned out good :)

A nice side view to get the full effect.

I had to have plastic frames when I was a kid and I didn't like them, but they look so nice on Talmage and they are in fashion so why not go with them?  He's such a handsome kid!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kid Stats!

It has been a while since I have updated on all of the kids.  They recently had their well checks and got weighed and measured.  It was fun to see how they all lined up... since it's been a while and they've gotten older :)... it's been a few weeks so we'll see if I get the sats right :)

T- 53 inches and 68 lbs.  He is 75% for height and 50% for weight.  
G- 51 inches and 65 lbs.  He is 90% for height and 75% for weight (I think).
S - 47 3/4 inches and 51 lbs.  She is 75% for height and 50% weight.
M - 43 inches and 48 lbs.  She is 95% for height and weight.
C - 35 inches and 28 lbs.  He is over 100% for height and 80% weight.

I think it's odd that Talmage is only 75% for height, but I'm sure it has to do with him being older and his growth patterns.  I keep waiting for Grant to pass him, but he just keeps that little 2 inch lead.  With this apt the Dr. went over BMI with me and where the kids are on that.  The boys were in the 60 to 70 range, which is good.  Sandra was also in the 60s I think.  Mhari, our little Punkin, was right at 80.  I guess with the childhood obesity craze that's going on 80 is the danger level.  Hmmm, interesting.  

I'm going to just say that I really like my Dr. She told me that my kids are healthy and that Mhari is all muscle and she is very proportionate.  I'm sure that if we did Grant's numbers when he was 4 he would have been high like that too.  He has slimmed out a lot the last few years.  I'm so glad the Dr. didn't freak out at me... and that she realizes the limits of the BMI number.  Mhari is a big girl and that can be a good thing too. 

Anyway, onto Baby Clark.  I knew he was tall... but I didn't expect them to say 35 inches for his 18 month check up!  I was kind of surprised he didn't weigh more, but he seems long these days and not so big... I guess it makes sense.  He is the average size of a 2 year old and he's wearing size 3T clothes!  I'm used to big kids, but he's our tallest yet.  I'm very curious to see how tall he will be when he's all grown... maybe 6'5'' or taller?!?  That makes me smile ;).  

Well, he's growing great, developing more and more every day.  He just isn't really a baby anymore... it has gone by so fast!  He loves cars, balls, books, playing with his siblings, blankets, stuffed animals, eating, being outside, etc.  He is still a mostly calm boy.  He is learning more words all of the time and repeating things.  Not the things I try to teach him, but when he wants to talk.  He is so fun and brings joy to our family every day!  

Here's some pictures of him sneaking chips out of the trash... such a little dumpster diver!  Wonder where he learned that from?! 

He even went around the corner from the trash so we couldn't see him... 

Caught in the act!

I don't know if he knows he's not supposed to do that or not... maybe taking pictures encourages it more than anything :).

The other day after a nap his hair was such a mess.  This is an hour or so later and it's still pretty crazy!  I guess it's time for another hair cut.  

They are growing ... good and healthy!  We love our kids :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Cub Scouts!

Grant has been attending cubs for 2 weeks now... and he's very happy to be a wolf :).  He has seen Talmage go off to cubs for just over a year so he was excited to join in the fun!  Now we have two cubs... busy busy next three years ;)

I was slacking and didn't get his uniform in order until after the first week so that's part of the delay in posting ;).  

Isn't he a cute cub :)

For the first week he was there his den was practicing leg wrestling.  Let's just say that Grant did awesome!  He was so excited when he got home to tell me all about it.  I also got a text from his leader telling me how great Grant did at it (as well as her son ;)).  Grant had wanted to leg wrestle Talmage after that...

A few days later the wrestling match began:

Here they are in starting position linking arms...

hooking their legs - after three times lifting their legs...

And Grant flipped Talmage!  He actually did it a few times...

Until Talmage got the hang of it and flipped Grant.... a few times :)

Well, then Daddy had to get in on the fun... I wonder who's going to win?!

Grant's turn

Talmage's turn

Since it was no fair Jeff decided to take them both on at the same time :)

Then the boys tried using both of their feet.  
It ended in kind of a stale mate.  The kids were happy to get Jeff's legs as far back as they did though :).  I'm glad Grant is enoying cubs... and gets to do these fun activities with his brother... and even his Daddy! 

Friday, January 13, 2012


Clark loves to cuddle blankets, animals, pretty much anything soft.  I find him playing with the ribbons on stuffed bears necks, and such.  Too funny.  One evening after cleaning the kitchen Clark was playing with the swiffer (he is such a good helper) and part of the white cloth had come undone and he was on the floor cuddling it.  It was so cute.  By the time I got the camera he sat up and smiled... but he was still cute ;)

The kids all love their daddy.  I love that they love makes me smile :).  The girls were having fun cuddling Jeff and let's just say that Clark needed in on the action.  I think he get's jealous.

Such a cutie!

Clark getting in on the cuddling action!

So sweet!  Jeff is actually patting his back with his hands... I think Clark really likes that!

Love them!

This year our church meetings are at 1 pm so we get home in time for dinner... and the kids miss out on quiet time.  Mhari was so tired she fell asleep in the car during the 5 min car ride home.  

Let's just say that Clark loves his sister.  He likes her to be awake and playing with him too ;)

A couple of days later Mhari wasn't feeling well.  She literally was laying on the floor not wanting to do anything...

Clark thought she was being cute and decided to copy her.  He's cute :)

I love that my kids are so sweet and love each other.  Clark is at such a fun age... so cuddly and sweet.  It's fun to see how much little ones want to be like their siblings!  I love my cuddly kids!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kids - Just Dance!

The last day with the cousins the kids played wii.  It had been a busy time and funny that it took that long to pull out the video games.  The boys had lots of fun doing a monster truck game and then the girls got to do Just Dance for kids.  I knew Sandra would love it so I'm so glad they had the chance to play.

Here are the girls rocking the dance moves ;) (do you see Talmage in the background?)

They were so cute to watch!

After a little bit one of the girls got tired and Talmage decided to give it a try.  He had previously whined about it and said he didn't want to do it so it was funny that he volunteered to play.  I think watching the girls made him feel like it wouldn't be that bad.  Once he did it he kept playing.  It was awesome.  He isn't that good with rhythm so it was fun to see him get into it and get practice.  We may need this game just to help give him confidence with dancing ;).

Oh, and let's not leave out the baby.  Clark loves the wii, but we usually don't let him play with the wiimotes.  This game isn't affected by the buttons if it's not the one in charge so Clark was able to play along with the big kids too!

He's going to be too good at electronics way too early!
By the way, Sandra rocked the dancing game.  Everyone had gotten tired and stopped, but Sandra was still dancing away!  She is such a fun girl - I love that she loves to dance ;)

I'm glad the kids had a great time with each other.  They were so good and it was great to let the cousins have so much time hanging out!!  It's just too bad we don't still live close to each other!

Fun at the Gardens!

One of our favorite places in Fort Worth is the Botanic Gardens!  It is free admission and even offers Japanese Gardens and a conservatory for a minimal fee if interested.  I love taking pictures of my kids in such great gardens.  We took Jeff's brother's family out to the gardens to play and take pictures too.  Even though it's winter, lots of the trees have already lost their leaves, and the huge tiered rose garden is being redone, it was beautiful and we got some great photos :).  I shared most of my kids, but the cousins were too cute not to share ;).  

Here are all 8 kids together...

On the bridge - minus Clark

at the lily pond... 3 boys ;)

In the log - well, fake log, but still looks cute!  They love pretending to be squirrels!!

girls on top of the log


Boys on the wood fence

Family Tree ;)

Me and my SIL - Tiffany :)

Playing with the soccer ball in the field :)






I've been getting this face a lot more these days ... hmm they grow up too fast!

Clark :)

Owen and Grant - little monkeys!

Clark and Mommy

no kisses Mommy ;)


Sandra... she's sad, but almost looked like a smile ;).  

Jeff was working, but I really like this hole in the ground so the kids and I got a picture too... even though Mhari is crying ;)
The kids had a blast running around everywhere, but by the end they were exhausted!  I'm glad we went and the kids sure went to bed easy that night :).