Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun at the Gardens!

One of our favorite places in Fort Worth is the Botanic Gardens!  It is free admission and even offers Japanese Gardens and a conservatory for a minimal fee if interested.  I love taking pictures of my kids in such great gardens.  We took Jeff's brother's family out to the gardens to play and take pictures too.  Even though it's winter, lots of the trees have already lost their leaves, and the huge tiered rose garden is being redone, it was beautiful and we got some great photos :).  I shared most of my kids, but the cousins were too cute not to share ;).  

Here are all 8 kids together...

On the bridge - minus Clark

at the lily pond... 3 boys ;)

In the log - well, fake log, but still looks cute!  They love pretending to be squirrels!!

girls on top of the log


Boys on the wood fence

Family Tree ;)

Me and my SIL - Tiffany :)

Playing with the soccer ball in the field :)






I've been getting this face a lot more these days ... hmm they grow up too fast!

Clark :)

Owen and Grant - little monkeys!

Clark and Mommy

no kisses Mommy ;)


Sandra... she's sad, but almost looked like a smile ;).  

Jeff was working, but I really like this hole in the ground so the kids and I got a picture too... even though Mhari is crying ;)
The kids had a blast running around everywhere, but by the end they were exhausted!  I'm glad we went and the kids sure went to bed easy that night :).  

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