Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Cub Scouts!

Grant has been attending cubs for 2 weeks now... and he's very happy to be a wolf :).  He has seen Talmage go off to cubs for just over a year so he was excited to join in the fun!  Now we have two cubs... busy busy next three years ;)

I was slacking and didn't get his uniform in order until after the first week so that's part of the delay in posting ;).  

Isn't he a cute cub :)

For the first week he was there his den was practicing leg wrestling.  Let's just say that Grant did awesome!  He was so excited when he got home to tell me all about it.  I also got a text from his leader telling me how great Grant did at it (as well as her son ;)).  Grant had wanted to leg wrestle Talmage after that...

A few days later the wrestling match began:

Here they are in starting position linking arms...

hooking their legs - after three times lifting their legs...

And Grant flipped Talmage!  He actually did it a few times...

Until Talmage got the hang of it and flipped Grant.... a few times :)

Well, then Daddy had to get in on the fun... I wonder who's going to win?!

Grant's turn

Talmage's turn

Since it was no fair Jeff decided to take them both on at the same time :)

Then the boys tried using both of their feet.  
It ended in kind of a stale mate.  The kids were happy to get Jeff's legs as far back as they did though :).  I'm glad Grant is enoying cubs... and gets to do these fun activities with his brother... and even his Daddy! 

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Cindy Killebrew said...

Maybe Grant needs to take wrestling. That is so exciting to have two scouts!