Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hanging at the Stockyards

With family in town we decided to go over to the Stockyards to get some real Texas experiences :).  The was the cattle drive, the petting zoo, shops, riding the bull, etc.  I am sharing pictures of the kids.  I figure the family can post about riding the bull since it was their turn to do it ;).  

The petting zoo is free, accept if you want to buy food to feed them.  The animals think everyone has food and are really friendly - until you aren't feeding them, then they just walk away.  This one alpaca would come right up to our faces - a little close for comfort... but he never stayed long enough to get petted very well.  Grant really tried to pet him though :).

little goats

Sharing food that spilled out of the cups - yes I am that cheap.

While waiting for the cattle drive the kids got to pet one of the "cowboy's" horses.  

Clark liked petting it too!

More petting zoo animals... 

Clark was cranky and fell asleep by the time we were done so he didn't end up with a souvenir.  The cowboy hat sure looked nice on him though :).  

It's always fun to spend some time hanging out at the Stockyards with all of the real Texas Cowboys ;)!

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