Thursday, January 5, 2012

The love of Fire!

I think boys are born with a love for fire... at least that's my only explanation for it.  For Christmas Talmage gave Jeff waterproof matches (that he waterproofed by himself) and I think that was probably one of the best presents Jeff has gotten... 

He really enjoyed lighting those matches.  Not really lighting them - because they are cheap and don't light easy, and also waterproofing them makes lighting them much harder anyways... but Jeff loves the smell of matches.  I think there are people out there that agree, I just am not one of them.  It's an alright smell, but after like 10 matches I'm done smelling it ;).  

Part of the fun of the presents was sharing it...

First Jeff had lots of turns

Then he helped the kids learn how to light a match and hold it. 
Here is Talmage


and Sandra
I would like to add that if my house burns down it's not my fault.  I had no intention of my children learning about matches, but I guess it's better to be learned under parent supervision anyway.  Hopefully they also learned some fire safety along with all that fun of lighting a match ;).  It's great to know that Jeff is so great at sharing his gifts!

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