Friday, January 6, 2012

Playground Games...

Part of our Christmas to our kids this year was getting the backyard some more things for the kids to do.  The swings had deteriorated and Jeff got them back together again.  He also made a tether ball pole and got that set up for everyone.  It was all finished when we had company in town so everyone had lots of fun taking turns playing...

Here is cousin Bree

Talmage and Ella

Oh, and let's not leave the Daddy's out... they had to break it in... I mean, make sure it worked :).

They got really into it.  So cute to watch Jeff and his brother Nathan.

Talmage and Grant

Tiffany and I... it was a good workout and I have the bruises to prove it!  It's amazing how much that rope can hurt if it gets your arm!  

The Daddy's decided to make it more challenging by using anything but their arms - soccer rules ;).  

Fun times!

Talmage and Ella

I'm glad the kids have more to do outside.  They already love it out there and now they get to enjoy one of their parents fun games as kids ;).  

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westen and ladawn said...

You have been busy! It looks like you had a great Chrismas and wonderful baptism. Those outside games look like a lot of fun too. One of these days we need to come see you!