Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first lost tooth!

Last May at the boys dental cleaning the Dentist told me that Grant already had some loose teeth. I was surprised, and then nervous what that would mean for Talmage, not having loose teeth. Evidently Talmage's are in good and might not come out with out help from the dentist - that will be another story. I guess it's about time that Talmage wasn't the first at something. That has made it all the more fun for Grant too (Talmage has been a really good sport about it all so it's really ok).

This month the two bottom central incisors (middle teeth) have gotten pretty loose. His right one was getting looser than the left and today I got the feeling that it was really going to come out!

From the picture it's hard to tell, but it's really leaning out there. If you had a better view you can actually see the adult tooth underneath the baby tooth!

Tonight before bed Grant went to use the bathroom and started wiggling it again. I guess that was it. It started bleeding and Jeff decided it was time to get it out. He went and got some floss and looped it around to get it out. I think it was only scary for Grant, not painful (since we weren't sure if it was going to work, our first tooth too you know), but he didn't cry or anything, it was out before he knew what happened!

Here's Grant getting the little bit of bleeding to stop. He is already enjoying having a gap in his smile!

The little baby tooth!

Here is the shot of the new tooth coming in.

That next central incisor is getting ready... it won't be long before that hole doubles in size! Yeah Grant! What a good sport!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Too excited to sleep!

For some reason it has taken me all week to post about school... sorry :).

Sunday night the boys went to bed and just would not go to sleep. When we were finally going to bed around 10:30 the boys were still awake. Jeff went in and they were reading their Book of Mormon. It was very cute. Talmage had read 19 verses and it was Grant's turn. They decided they should read their Book of Mormon every night. It's kind of hard to be upset about not sleeping when they are reading scriptures. Jeff and I went to bed... and I guess we assumed the boys did too. Then I woke up at 12:15 am or so and realized the boys light was on. I got up to go talk to them and they weren't in their room. Then I noticed the girls room light was on. I was not happy about that - waking the girls up to play with them is not a good idea to me! Luckily the girls were still asleep and I ushered the boys back to their room.
At this point I realize that they are both dressed and ready for school - shoes and socks and all! I guess they were trying to surprise me by being up and ready before I came in at 7 am. Yes, it was a surprise, but not a happy one. I put them to bed in their clothes and told them that they need to sleep so they would be happy for school (and lots of other words about staying out of their sisters' room and staying in bed etc). They finally went to sleep and even woke up pretty easy that morning too. It's funny how excited kids can be for school - just like Christmas eve or something :). I thought the boys would settle into a good sleeping pattern after that night... we are still working on it. School is very exciting evidently!

The boys are doing well at school and enjoy their classes and teachers. Grant has already been talking too much while at the carpet (impressive since it takes Grant a while to warm up in a school setting), but he is doing better!

Talmage brought home a game board paper from school and had a great time making the pieces and playing the game with the family.

They are growing up! I am happy that they still enjoy each other most of the time!

Mhari was so cute the other day. She was outside and just went over and picked up a hen. I wonder where she learned that from... (Talmage)? It was pretty funny I couldn't help getting a picture

or two. We did have her put it down after the pics though :).

It's been nice having the boys back to school and enjoying the morning with the girls. The boys are having fun and wish every day were a school day :). Jeff started back last week so we are in full school mode around here!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Campout and Recycled Shirt

The other night we had a get together for a good friend who is moving away (we miss you already Melissa and family). It was an evening thing and the kids were supposed to be in bed. Well, how do you sleep with a party going on? The boys decided to have their own party/camp out while the other party was going on (can't believe I didn't get any pics of our party :().

Here is Grant crawling under the bed for the camp out.

Both boys fit just at the end of the bed, because there are storage containers under the rest of the bed. They had a great time... even if they never got around to sleeping. They keep trying to sneak out every night and camp out. When they are together they just don't sleep though. Now I'm trying to get them back on schedule so that way we can get ready for school Monday... crazy kids!

I have been looking for ideas for Christmas gifts and such recently. I was on yesterday and found a link to a lady who does mens dress shirt redesigns as womens shirts (they have tons of dress shirt ideas, like girls dresses, etc on that site though). I really loved the idea and kept trying figure out when I was going to go get a dress shirt from a thrift store. Then I realized that I still had one of Jeff's old shirts that I could use. It had been a favorite and thus was wearing around the collar so he stopped wearing it.

This is my before shot...
Big and baggy :)

The shirt I really wanted to do and was pretending I was clever enough to duplicate can be found here. (there are tons on her site if you just check it out :))
Let's just say it didn't work out. By the time I got it trimmed down I didn't have enough left to gather :(. Oh well, maybe next time. The collar had some holes in it so I had to flip it under and create a different collar. I was going to take the pocket off, but there was a small hole at the edge of it. I did remove it, but made a smaller pocket to cover the hole instead.

OK, overall I really think it turned out great - I get a new shirt and didn't have to pay for it. Plus I loved this shirt and it's nice to wear something that reminds me of my husband :).

If I get more shirts to play with I'll update :). I guess this project was a little scary because the other blog didn't have a tutorial so I had to figure out how to adjust the shirt down all by myself. A few years ago I never would have attempted it and I'm pleased it turned out as well as it did!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing Up

It's amazing to me how quickly kids grow up! This summer has gone by fast and the kids sure have "grown" during it too!

We went to ride bikes last week. Here is some of their progress...

Grant is doing really well. He is so focused when he rides that sometimes he almost hits someone or something, but no real accidents yet.

Sandra can ride a bike! Yeah! It seems like pushing those pedals has been tricky the last few times, but this time she figured it out and had a great time!

Talmage is doing great too. He will probably be getting his training wheels off soon because he is balancing so well!
I'm sure if we took the kids more often this would progress more quickly, but such is life :).

Mhari hanging out with Daddy. Too cute not to share :)

Mhari can ride the kids scooter. She was pretty mad for a while that I didn't let her ride a bike, but she finally got over it and rode the scooter. She is so cute when she rides, so slow, but still doing it!

Then she'll walk with the scooter. Even cuter. Little kids are great to watch as they try to figure it all out! Even funner when they actually do it too!!

Mhari has discovered baby dolls. It's very cute to see her love and try to take care of her baby. She is not the best mommy yet (dragging the baby around the house by it's arm), but she has some time before she'll be a mommy with her own babies!

Mhari also wants to do somersaults. She needs some help though. Good thing Daddy is such a good helper!

Good job Punkin!

Talmage with a hen. He was sitting holding it on his lap and petting it. Jeff snuck a picture through the window :). He was too cute. He is usually really good with them and it's funny to see him treat them so much like a pet.

They really do grow up fast don't they :)! I'm glad we get to try to capture these events so that way I can remember how much they have grown and keep the memories fresh!

A Project done in a Day!

Jeff refinished our cabinets (painted them) about a year and a half ago. When we put the doors back on and I really wished we had new hard ward to go with the new finish. It wasn't happening then. Do you know how much hardware for cabinets is? Seriously it's ridiculous!

So I came up with the idea of painting our existing hardware instead of buying new ones (maybe Jeff helped with the idea, I don't remember). After redoing the back door and having new finish on the knobs I really wanted to do the cabinet hardware.

Saturday I ended up at walmart and bought the spray paint I thought would work well.

When I got back we got the project underway. Jeff removed everything and I decided I should clean it up before we painted.

This is the difference after some good hard scrubbing... seriously that was some hard work scrubbing all those pieces!

Jeff primed and painted and by that evening we were reassembling the cabinets.
This is the new look.

I think they stand out and make the cabinets look sharp. The color didn't turn out quite as dark as I thought, but that is probably our fault - should have chosen a darker primer color. I guess I learn something from every project.

Now the kitchen just needs counter tops, new sink, new faucet, and new floors. Oh Jeff would like a new table too. That's not too much to do right :).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

patio cover and back door

Before we left for the summer we had a patio cover made (Jeff helped). It turned out really well and I am so happy to have some shade where we can enjoy being outside together. With the new patio came the need to paint it. It seems the projects never end :).

We have lots of red barn paint we had used for some of our fence so we figured we'd use that on the patio as well.

This is what the first coat looked like.

Kind of hard to tell from the photos, but we like it.

Once we had the first coat on (the 2nd is done now too by the way), we looked at the back door and realized the trim really needed to be painted as well. After Jeff did some examining of the trim he started thinking seriously about replacing the whole door. We have some rot issues, on the trim, we would like a dead bolt on the back door, and the door doesn't fit well - tons of air leaks through that door. With all the issues against the door and since we were already in the middle of the project we decided to replace the back door.

Here is Jeff taking off the outer caulk - I forgot to take pictures earlier, too busy helping :)

The corner where the board had been rotted through.

Once everything was cleaned out and ready for the new door we got it in and it didn't fit so well. It turned out that the door was too long for the cement threshold that had been made in front of the last door. That gave Jeff a reason to get out the big drill and remove some cement.

Here it is waiting for the last piece to be chipped away for the door to fit into place. Jeff did a great job removing the excess cement without damaging the other cement!

After fitting, shimming, nailing, screwing, the door was ready to be insulated. I forgot to mention that our previous back door (once we took off the trim) had no insulation or shims. Man, it was time to be replaced!

Here is the finished product that night. The new boards and door still need to be painted, but otherwise it is awesome!

Here is the inside of the door. I like the new trim we got to go around it. It is also waiting for paint. Our last door was blue, but we won't be doing the same blue for this one. It's a lot of white so we will be painting it a color, just not sure which one (probably the cabinet color, however I think a navy would look cool).

It is funny to me how one house project starts and leads to so many other things. Jeff would love to redo our front door now and even get new flooring, I would love new counters. Oh if that schooling didn't always get in the way our house would constantly have a project going on :). It is a blessing to do things yourself - you learn a lot (this was our first door to put in)! I'm grateful that Jeff is so willing to improve our home and learn new things!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Friends

While in Phoenix the kids got to make some good friends. Mhari got along really well with Grandpa, Jonathan, Ira, Nathan, and Aaron. Did you notice a trend? She liked the boys the most. I think she was Daddy deprived. She did really well warming up and enjoying being with everyone. By the end of our stay she played with everyone and would run up and give people hugs. She was very cute.

Uncle Aaron bonding with Mhari

Then there were the cousins that were inseparable.

Grant and Ella

Talmage and Bree

It was fun to see which kids hung out with each other. There was a swap this trip with Grant and Ella getting along so well (instead of Talmage and Ella). That did make Talmage sad, but he did really great with Bree so it worked out well in the end :).

I also got to bond with friends too :).
My best friend growing up, Taffery, had her first baby. I was able to go see her and her new little one, Hudson, and enjoy hanging out for a couple of hours.

Congrats girl, welcome to motherhood!!

I also got to hang out with my sister-in-law, Tiffany, a lot too. Okay so hanging out with 7 kids isn't really hanging out, but still, we did projects together and the kids got to bond so that was good, right!? It's amazing how busy and crazy those weeks were and then how quickly they went by!

Overall I had a great trip and was grateful for the friendships I made and strengthened during my time in phx. I have great family and friends and even though I don't live as close it's great to stay in touch!!!
Some friends/family not pictured...
Mom * Karen * Michelle * Leann * Mom Williams * Dad Williams * Amanda * Richelle * Azure * Allison * LaDawn * Holly * Christa * Sarah * Dawn * Breann * Jody

The Whole Williams bunch

We weren't planning on getting a new family photo taken, but since Jeff came back a little early it was time to update the Williams' family picture. Mhari has joined the family since the last one and this one is more "homey" for Grandma to enjoy :).

There are 12 grand kids ranging from 14 to 1. We are getting pretty large when we are all together :).
The original family: Mom and Dad, Michelle, Nathan, Aaron, and Jeff. They grow up fast don't they.

Now we have the spouses...

Nathan and Tiffany

Aaron and Leann

Jeff and me
My favorite picture :).
Always nice to have a cute one together!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Crafty Busy!

The pictures aren't cooperating so this is going to be very random... sorry.

While on vacation I did several crafty projects.
One of the first things was making the girls more clothes. I'm not sure that Mhari needs more, but she is so cute dressed up that I couldn't resist :)

Mhari's is a dress while Sandra's is a baby doll dress shirt with green shorts. It turned out really cute :).

This is a t-shirt project that we did for all the grand kids. My boys have dinosaur shirts and the girls have hearts and flowers. The older cousin boys got war shirts. Mhari is in her green tie-died shirt that we made too. I never got pics of all the kids in their different tie-died shirts. They are all striped like that with different colors for each kid.

This is what our hands looked like after finishing tie-dying the shirts. We were all wearing glvoes too, not the best quality I guess. Can you tell whose hands did most of the work? (they are mine in case it isn't obvious, I had to bleach them to get the blue and green off)

Here is Leann tie-dying the quilt squares for the kids memory blankets. That project isn't finished yet :).
Oh, and more clothes for the girls. We made 4 of the girls matching blue dresses. They turned out really cute and my girls have insisted on wearing them for the last 2 Sundays.

With the t-shirt project, my capris got some bleach on them. We decided to decorate them as well. You take a dye cut and put it (or tape it) where you want it. Then spray bleach water over it. Then you take off the dye cut and it looks really cool :). That was my favorite project. Besides making the dye cuts (that was a pain) the project was totally easy and the kids liked designing their own shirts too.

Here's what the shirts looked like with laying down the dye cuts and the war one is already done.

My 2 girls shirts.

I also made hand towel aprons. They were pretty easy and by making them out of hand towels they wash up really easy when they get messy. And what kid helping out doesn't get messy? I think I'm crafted out for a little bit, but it was good to feel like I got to create so many fun things :). Thanks to all the great family for the help and the awesome ideas!