Monday, August 17, 2009

A Project done in a Day!

Jeff refinished our cabinets (painted them) about a year and a half ago. When we put the doors back on and I really wished we had new hard ward to go with the new finish. It wasn't happening then. Do you know how much hardware for cabinets is? Seriously it's ridiculous!

So I came up with the idea of painting our existing hardware instead of buying new ones (maybe Jeff helped with the idea, I don't remember). After redoing the back door and having new finish on the knobs I really wanted to do the cabinet hardware.

Saturday I ended up at walmart and bought the spray paint I thought would work well.

When I got back we got the project underway. Jeff removed everything and I decided I should clean it up before we painted.

This is the difference after some good hard scrubbing... seriously that was some hard work scrubbing all those pieces!

Jeff primed and painted and by that evening we were reassembling the cabinets.
This is the new look.

I think they stand out and make the cabinets look sharp. The color didn't turn out quite as dark as I thought, but that is probably our fault - should have chosen a darker primer color. I guess I learn something from every project.

Now the kitchen just needs counter tops, new sink, new faucet, and new floors. Oh Jeff would like a new table too. That's not too much to do right :).

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Miche' said...

Wow that does look really good! Great job on all the home fix ups!