Friday, August 28, 2009

Too excited to sleep!

For some reason it has taken me all week to post about school... sorry :).

Sunday night the boys went to bed and just would not go to sleep. When we were finally going to bed around 10:30 the boys were still awake. Jeff went in and they were reading their Book of Mormon. It was very cute. Talmage had read 19 verses and it was Grant's turn. They decided they should read their Book of Mormon every night. It's kind of hard to be upset about not sleeping when they are reading scriptures. Jeff and I went to bed... and I guess we assumed the boys did too. Then I woke up at 12:15 am or so and realized the boys light was on. I got up to go talk to them and they weren't in their room. Then I noticed the girls room light was on. I was not happy about that - waking the girls up to play with them is not a good idea to me! Luckily the girls were still asleep and I ushered the boys back to their room.
At this point I realize that they are both dressed and ready for school - shoes and socks and all! I guess they were trying to surprise me by being up and ready before I came in at 7 am. Yes, it was a surprise, but not a happy one. I put them to bed in their clothes and told them that they need to sleep so they would be happy for school (and lots of other words about staying out of their sisters' room and staying in bed etc). They finally went to sleep and even woke up pretty easy that morning too. It's funny how excited kids can be for school - just like Christmas eve or something :). I thought the boys would settle into a good sleeping pattern after that night... we are still working on it. School is very exciting evidently!

The boys are doing well at school and enjoy their classes and teachers. Grant has already been talking too much while at the carpet (impressive since it takes Grant a while to warm up in a school setting), but he is doing better!

Talmage brought home a game board paper from school and had a great time making the pieces and playing the game with the family.

They are growing up! I am happy that they still enjoy each other most of the time!

Mhari was so cute the other day. She was outside and just went over and picked up a hen. I wonder where she learned that from... (Talmage)? It was pretty funny I couldn't help getting a picture

or two. We did have her put it down after the pics though :).

It's been nice having the boys back to school and enjoying the morning with the girls. The boys are having fun and wish every day were a school day :). Jeff started back last week so we are in full school mode around here!


Tink said...

Wow, they look SO grown up in that picture of them at the table! I love that they were up so late and all dressed up for school . . . aren't kids funny? Mine have tried to pull things like that on me, too . . . I guess they're too young to really realize how important sleep is! (:

The Ziegler Family said...

Hello! I am gald that you found us. Your kids are so big! School is definetly a very exciting time. LeOra just started school this year and she has been very excited about that.

Tink said...

Ironically, after posting my comment I found out that Colin is still awake at 11:30 because he's excited about his birthday celebration tomorrow! Sheesh!

luvmykids said...

I couldn't sleep the night before Todd went to school. I bet the boys were tired the next day. That is so wonderful that they love school that much. I hope they always feel that way!

nellsq said...

ok, So i love the picture of Mhari with the chicken. What a brave little girl:)