Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Friends

While in Phoenix the kids got to make some good friends. Mhari got along really well with Grandpa, Jonathan, Ira, Nathan, and Aaron. Did you notice a trend? She liked the boys the most. I think she was Daddy deprived. She did really well warming up and enjoying being with everyone. By the end of our stay she played with everyone and would run up and give people hugs. She was very cute.

Uncle Aaron bonding with Mhari

Then there were the cousins that were inseparable.

Grant and Ella

Talmage and Bree

It was fun to see which kids hung out with each other. There was a swap this trip with Grant and Ella getting along so well (instead of Talmage and Ella). That did make Talmage sad, but he did really great with Bree so it worked out well in the end :).

I also got to bond with friends too :).
My best friend growing up, Taffery, had her first baby. I was able to go see her and her new little one, Hudson, and enjoy hanging out for a couple of hours.

Congrats girl, welcome to motherhood!!

I also got to hang out with my sister-in-law, Tiffany, a lot too. Okay so hanging out with 7 kids isn't really hanging out, but still, we did projects together and the kids got to bond so that was good, right!? It's amazing how busy and crazy those weeks were and then how quickly they went by!

Overall I had a great trip and was grateful for the friendships I made and strengthened during my time in phx. I have great family and friends and even though I don't live as close it's great to stay in touch!!!
Some friends/family not pictured...
Mom * Karen * Michelle * Leann * Mom Williams * Dad Williams * Amanda * Richelle * Azure * Allison * LaDawn * Holly * Christa * Sarah * Dawn * Breann * Jody


Alli said...

That's right baby - I made the wall of fame! My favorite was pulling the bee stinger out of Talmage's head. Good times.

westen and ladawn said...

you are so nice to even mention the not pictured. I'm glad you had fun. It was so great to see you guys!