Saturday, August 22, 2009

Campout and Recycled Shirt

The other night we had a get together for a good friend who is moving away (we miss you already Melissa and family). It was an evening thing and the kids were supposed to be in bed. Well, how do you sleep with a party going on? The boys decided to have their own party/camp out while the other party was going on (can't believe I didn't get any pics of our party :().

Here is Grant crawling under the bed for the camp out.

Both boys fit just at the end of the bed, because there are storage containers under the rest of the bed. They had a great time... even if they never got around to sleeping. They keep trying to sneak out every night and camp out. When they are together they just don't sleep though. Now I'm trying to get them back on schedule so that way we can get ready for school Monday... crazy kids!

I have been looking for ideas for Christmas gifts and such recently. I was on yesterday and found a link to a lady who does mens dress shirt redesigns as womens shirts (they have tons of dress shirt ideas, like girls dresses, etc on that site though). I really loved the idea and kept trying figure out when I was going to go get a dress shirt from a thrift store. Then I realized that I still had one of Jeff's old shirts that I could use. It had been a favorite and thus was wearing around the collar so he stopped wearing it.

This is my before shot...
Big and baggy :)

The shirt I really wanted to do and was pretending I was clever enough to duplicate can be found here. (there are tons on her site if you just check it out :))
Let's just say it didn't work out. By the time I got it trimmed down I didn't have enough left to gather :(. Oh well, maybe next time. The collar had some holes in it so I had to flip it under and create a different collar. I was going to take the pocket off, but there was a small hole at the edge of it. I did remove it, but made a smaller pocket to cover the hole instead.

OK, overall I really think it turned out great - I get a new shirt and didn't have to pay for it. Plus I loved this shirt and it's nice to wear something that reminds me of my husband :).

If I get more shirts to play with I'll update :). I guess this project was a little scary because the other blog didn't have a tutorial so I had to figure out how to adjust the shirt down all by myself. A few years ago I never would have attempted it and I'm pleased it turned out as well as it did!


luvmykids said...

You did a great job!

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Awesome job-- you are so talented with the sewing!! I haven't mustered up the courage (or time-- but mainly courage) to even get my new sewing machine OUT, let alone sew anything.

Tink said...

The shirt looks fantastic! You are so talented!

Machelle said...

I remember those kinds of campouts. Priceless.

Great job on the shirt...again im impressed.

westen and ladawn said...

So cute Sharla!! That is a great idea:)!! Love the pictures of your kids!!