Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Crafty Busy!

The pictures aren't cooperating so this is going to be very random... sorry.

While on vacation I did several crafty projects.
One of the first things was making the girls more clothes. I'm not sure that Mhari needs more, but she is so cute dressed up that I couldn't resist :)

Mhari's is a dress while Sandra's is a baby doll dress shirt with green shorts. It turned out really cute :).

This is a t-shirt project that we did for all the grand kids. My boys have dinosaur shirts and the girls have hearts and flowers. The older cousin boys got war shirts. Mhari is in her green tie-died shirt that we made too. I never got pics of all the kids in their different tie-died shirts. They are all striped like that with different colors for each kid.

This is what our hands looked like after finishing tie-dying the shirts. We were all wearing glvoes too, not the best quality I guess. Can you tell whose hands did most of the work? (they are mine in case it isn't obvious, I had to bleach them to get the blue and green off)

Here is Leann tie-dying the quilt squares for the kids memory blankets. That project isn't finished yet :).
Oh, and more clothes for the girls. We made 4 of the girls matching blue dresses. They turned out really cute and my girls have insisted on wearing them for the last 2 Sundays.

With the t-shirt project, my capris got some bleach on them. We decided to decorate them as well. You take a dye cut and put it (or tape it) where you want it. Then spray bleach water over it. Then you take off the dye cut and it looks really cool :). That was my favorite project. Besides making the dye cuts (that was a pain) the project was totally easy and the kids liked designing their own shirts too.

Here's what the shirts looked like with laying down the dye cuts and the war one is already done.

My 2 girls shirts.

I also made hand towel aprons. They were pretty easy and by making them out of hand towels they wash up really easy when they get messy. And what kid helping out doesn't get messy? I think I'm crafted out for a little bit, but it was good to feel like I got to create so many fun things :). Thanks to all the great family for the help and the awesome ideas!


Miche' said...

What a great project Shar! That looks like sooo much fun! Cute kids!

luvmykids said...

Your projects look like so much fun! They ALL turned out so good!