Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first lost tooth!

Last May at the boys dental cleaning the Dentist told me that Grant already had some loose teeth. I was surprised, and then nervous what that would mean for Talmage, not having loose teeth. Evidently Talmage's are in good and might not come out with out help from the dentist - that will be another story. I guess it's about time that Talmage wasn't the first at something. That has made it all the more fun for Grant too (Talmage has been a really good sport about it all so it's really ok).

This month the two bottom central incisors (middle teeth) have gotten pretty loose. His right one was getting looser than the left and today I got the feeling that it was really going to come out!

From the picture it's hard to tell, but it's really leaning out there. If you had a better view you can actually see the adult tooth underneath the baby tooth!

Tonight before bed Grant went to use the bathroom and started wiggling it again. I guess that was it. It started bleeding and Jeff decided it was time to get it out. He went and got some floss and looped it around to get it out. I think it was only scary for Grant, not painful (since we weren't sure if it was going to work, our first tooth too you know), but he didn't cry or anything, it was out before he knew what happened!

Here's Grant getting the little bit of bleeding to stop. He is already enjoying having a gap in his smile!

The little baby tooth!

Here is the shot of the new tooth coming in.

That next central incisor is getting ready... it won't be long before that hole doubles in size! Yeah Grant! What a good sport!


Alli said...

How fun! We had a lost tooth weekend over here too :)

Katie Busken said...

Wow! I love smiles with missing teeth. Congrats Grant!

Anonymous said...

it is so funny you posted about this. I noticed the other night the same tooth on Benjamin loose. When I took them to the dentist last he mentioned that they would be loosing teeth really soon. They are a bit ahead of the curve on that, which them being boys I wish they would keep those baby teeth in as long as possible because I think they are good at chipping teeth.
Oh and you will have to explain why poor Talmage will be having his teeth pulled instead of loosing them. That doesn't sound fun.