Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Cabinets

 So a while back Jeff redid our kitchen cabinets and I have loved the darker color ever since.  We've had the paint on hand just waiting for the desire to get the project done.  We have lots of projects we would love to do... but they cost money, sometimes a lot :(.  So, since this one was free I decided to get painting!

I am often bad about taking before pictures.  Probably because I don't know how well the job will turn out and I don't want to have to post about it.  I figured why not use the most recent one with the cute baby in it ;).

This is our downstairs guest bathroom.  Don't you just love that walnut color?

Here's a close up of the color - not my favorite.

I tried to do the same angle to show off a good comparison shot.  The problem is getting the same color in a photo that it is in real life.  (They are not purple)

It's nice and dark, and we redid the hardware (to match the new kitchen hardware too).  

Here you can see the red, but it's not that red... just the flash helping out.  

Here's the master bathroom cabinets... no before shot, just imagine the first pictures again...

Close up of the drawers

Overall they turned out well.  I don't know if the paint didn't go on as well since it was a few years old, or if I didn't do it as well as Jeff did, but at least it's a step in the right direction.  I would also love new counter tops, sinks, facets, flooring, toilets, etc.  There is always a project waiting, now to have the funds to do them all ;).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playing in the Rain!

Last week we had a very nice rain storm.  The kids were playing inside and were getting ready for bed.  Clark loves water and had never been in the rain before.  I figured it was time to take him outside for some fun.  It took him a minute to figure out that their was water everywhere.  He was so cute!  After a little bit I sent Mhari in for the camera and I got a video too... however I'm having problems uploading it :(.  If that changes I'll get it on here...

Until then here are the pictures:

Pushing the cozy coupe car.

more rain

drinking the rain off the table - gross, I know, but so funny at the same time!

So happy!

rain footprints!  

He's so fun and it was great to see him enjoy the rain!  I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have posted 2 other things before I did another baby post ;).  I love my little family!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinosaur Land

Saturday our family took an afternoon drive over to Dinosaur Land - just outside of Dinosaur Valley.  The kids got to do a dino dig where they were allowed to keep 3 fossils (sea fossils).  Then we went on a walk around the park to see all of the dino statues.  They had tons of dinos, it was really cool.  We ended inside with a dino museum with real fossils.  The kids had a blast and it was great to spend the afternoon on a family outing!

I have included a slideshow at the end with more photos, but I figured I would also include some pictures to high light the day :)

Sandra digging for fossils.

Grant in the play area riding the dino!

Clark really wanted to get on the big swing!  He was so cute :)

While we were out walking around Grant would see a dino and say what it was before we even got to the name plate.  I was surprised how many times he was right!  I guess his dino obsession is paying off :)
One of the dino statues.

Inside the museum - a velociraptor egg

A mold of a T-rex skeleton

At the end of the day the kids got to pick something as a souvenier... well, really the selection was limited because I'm not paying $3 for a tiny toy.  Anyway, they all ended up with dinosaurs and Clark got some balls... he was a good sport hanging out in the stroller we figured we'd let him enjoy a toy at the end of it.  And, yes, he loved them ;).
I've also included some photos of Grant's collection of paper dinosaurs.  He has been tracing, cutting out, and coloring them for quite some time.  It's great when he gets them all out... they fill the whole kitchen table, and that's saying something - that's one huge table!
It was a fun dino day!


Garden Princesses

The other day the girls were outside and Sandra came in to show me her new hat :).  It was too cute!  The next day they were outside again and Sandra made Mhari a "hat" too.  Jeff took some pictures...

Love it!

Helping her little sister.

Then I saw them and took some more pictures.  
Sandra's hair curls with a little bit of humidity - so awesome!

Mhari's hat turned into a necklace - glad she's happy with it!

We love our beautiful girls and their awesome creativity!  Now to have a garden pretty enough for the girls to actually pose in ;).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rock'n out!

I think one of these day's I'm going to do a post that's not so much about my cute baby, but since that isn't this post I will just get on with it ...

Baby was on the rocking chair the other day and he figured out how to rock it. 
Seriously it was too cute ;).

Had to include the classic finger sucking picture!

Rock on Baby!

Grant was being funny that day too (see I have more than 1 child).  He climbed into the dinosaur bucket and was playing around in it... 

Then I put Baby in with him, since Baby was looking really interested in what he was doing :)
They really do love each other!

Grant was tickling Clark.  Too fun.

Baby thinks he likes food so one day while I was trying to get dinner on, or something like that, he was needing food and I wondered what he would do if I gave him a whole graham cracker.  Let's just say that he really liked it!

Sorry it's a little blurry.

Playing with the cracker.

That was our fun, more baby stuff.  He keeps our life fun ... and it helps that he's so cute!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holiday, Owie, Books, and Balls!

For the Labor Day holiday we enjoyed our time as a family.  We cleaned up the backyard in the morning and the kids played outside - our weather was beautiful, we were in the 70's!  That afternoon we went bowling and ended up at CiCi's pizza for dinner.  We ended the night with FHE and Wii.  Somehow I ended up with no pictures of the bowling :(.  I guess holding kids and keeping up on our turns for bowling turned into no time for the camera.

In the middle of all of the business Clark fell out of his booster seat.  Well, I had removed the booster seat  for cleaning and I totally forgot to re strap it in :(.  So the he was buckled safely into place when the seat tipped off the chair and he hit the kitchen floor.

He was sad and took a while to calm down.  I saw some blood on his shirt and then I had to figure out where it came from...

Yup his chin hit the floor.  It was a pretty big gash too.  I sent Jeff out and we got some liquid bandaid stuff to seal up his wound.  He's done great with it, but still it's sad :(.

After bowling and dinner Mhari fell asleep in the car.  She wouldn't wake up either.  I thought her position was priceless.  Just couldn't help taking a picture... and sharing it!

so lady like ;)

This morning after the kids were off to school Clark was hanging out with Mhari on the steps.  That's when I saw him with the books.  He loves books!  Last night when we were all ready for dinner Clark was upstairs sitting with a pile of books, silly boy :).

Just too cute!

I got to thinking about books and realized that Clark reminds me of Talmage these days.  He always has his head in a book!

Sometimes it's annoying when you're trying to get stuff done or get him to help out with stuff, but I'm glad he likes books and learning :).  Cute boy!

Then Clark was playing with the ball.  He still loves balls!

So happy!

Dropping the ball.

So cute!

Posing for the camera!

Every day there is something happening.  The kids are growing up so fast!