Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Cabinets

 So a while back Jeff redid our kitchen cabinets and I have loved the darker color ever since.  We've had the paint on hand just waiting for the desire to get the project done.  We have lots of projects we would love to do... but they cost money, sometimes a lot :(.  So, since this one was free I decided to get painting!

I am often bad about taking before pictures.  Probably because I don't know how well the job will turn out and I don't want to have to post about it.  I figured why not use the most recent one with the cute baby in it ;).

This is our downstairs guest bathroom.  Don't you just love that walnut color?

Here's a close up of the color - not my favorite.

I tried to do the same angle to show off a good comparison shot.  The problem is getting the same color in a photo that it is in real life.  (They are not purple)

It's nice and dark, and we redid the hardware (to match the new kitchen hardware too).  

Here you can see the red, but it's not that red... just the flash helping out.  

Here's the master bathroom cabinets... no before shot, just imagine the first pictures again...

Close up of the drawers

Overall they turned out well.  I don't know if the paint didn't go on as well since it was a few years old, or if I didn't do it as well as Jeff did, but at least it's a step in the right direction.  I would also love new counter tops, sinks, facets, flooring, toilets, etc.  There is always a project waiting, now to have the funds to do them all ;).


Mom said...

What I love is the smiling baby in the first pic.

Mom said...

Mom is my google name for my daughters blog. Sorry if I confused you. Carol Martin

Machelle said...

I can finally see your blog and comment. I love the cabinets. Im getting ready to redo a chair and dresser. Hopefully I dont mess it up. :)

Sharla said...

Carol you are awesome and your comment was so something my Mother-in-law would say - who sees the blog often and her name is also Carol! Too funny! There was a whole post about Baby climbing up to the bathroom sink a month or so ago. He is so fun!