Friday, September 2, 2011

10 things I LOVE about YOU!

Here are some of the great reasons I love you Hunny...

1.  Strong Priesthood Holder - the gospel makes our family eternal and you are the leading role in that!

2.  Beautiful Blue Eyes -  really, it's everything, you are just Handsome ;)

3.  Dreamer - really anything great or grand in our lives has come because you are always dreaming and planning and thinking about new adventures.  That has made me a better person too!

4. Hard Worker - because you are a dreamer and a hard worker you actually accomplish those dreams!

5.  Great Daddy!!  - you really are so sweet with our kids and I couldn't ask for a better Daddy who loves them and wants to lead them down the right path!

6.  Active - you don't want to sit around lazily and do nothing... it's great to get us out and doing new things together!

7.  Determined... this could also read stubborn ;).  I'm glad you know what you want and you are willing to make it happen, even when it seems unlikely.

8.  Hugs!  I love a good hug and some days I need one more than others... you give great hugs ;).

9.  Dancing!  I know we don't get the chance that often, but dancing with you is one of my favorite things!  I love being held close moving to the music and having you tap the beat on my back ;).

10.  Silly!  I know not everyone knows this about you, but it's true!  You say silly things, you laugh like a girl (sometimes), and you love stuffed animals... really, it keeps life fun.  

Just to show how you're silly you cuddled up with one of the kids animals as a pillow  - so funny :)

Just wanted to remind you that I think you are Awesome!!

~ meme

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