Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holiday, Owie, Books, and Balls!

For the Labor Day holiday we enjoyed our time as a family.  We cleaned up the backyard in the morning and the kids played outside - our weather was beautiful, we were in the 70's!  That afternoon we went bowling and ended up at CiCi's pizza for dinner.  We ended the night with FHE and Wii.  Somehow I ended up with no pictures of the bowling :(.  I guess holding kids and keeping up on our turns for bowling turned into no time for the camera.

In the middle of all of the business Clark fell out of his booster seat.  Well, I had removed the booster seat  for cleaning and I totally forgot to re strap it in :(.  So the he was buckled safely into place when the seat tipped off the chair and he hit the kitchen floor.

He was sad and took a while to calm down.  I saw some blood on his shirt and then I had to figure out where it came from...

Yup his chin hit the floor.  It was a pretty big gash too.  I sent Jeff out and we got some liquid bandaid stuff to seal up his wound.  He's done great with it, but still it's sad :(.

After bowling and dinner Mhari fell asleep in the car.  She wouldn't wake up either.  I thought her position was priceless.  Just couldn't help taking a picture... and sharing it!

so lady like ;)

This morning after the kids were off to school Clark was hanging out with Mhari on the steps.  That's when I saw him with the books.  He loves books!  Last night when we were all ready for dinner Clark was upstairs sitting with a pile of books, silly boy :).

Just too cute!

I got to thinking about books and realized that Clark reminds me of Talmage these days.  He always has his head in a book!

Sometimes it's annoying when you're trying to get stuff done or get him to help out with stuff, but I'm glad he likes books and learning :).  Cute boy!

Then Clark was playing with the ball.  He still loves balls!

So happy!

Dropping the ball.

So cute!

Posing for the camera!

Every day there is something happening.  The kids are growing up so fast!

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Katie Busken said...

Oh, don't you hate it when babies get hurt?! I'm sorry! Clark is just too cute reading books!