Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rock'n out!

I think one of these day's I'm going to do a post that's not so much about my cute baby, but since that isn't this post I will just get on with it ...

Baby was on the rocking chair the other day and he figured out how to rock it. 
Seriously it was too cute ;).

Had to include the classic finger sucking picture!

Rock on Baby!

Grant was being funny that day too (see I have more than 1 child).  He climbed into the dinosaur bucket and was playing around in it... 

Then I put Baby in with him, since Baby was looking really interested in what he was doing :)
They really do love each other!

Grant was tickling Clark.  Too fun.

Baby thinks he likes food so one day while I was trying to get dinner on, or something like that, he was needing food and I wondered what he would do if I gave him a whole graham cracker.  Let's just say that he really liked it!

Sorry it's a little blurry.

Playing with the cracker.

That was our fun, more baby stuff.  He keeps our life fun ... and it helps that he's so cute!

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