Friday, March 26, 2010

Mountain, Of the Lord, and Park

On our way home we decided to see Mount Graham, the new Gila Valley Temple, and we got to play at the park. Since the drive is so long we were hoping that this would put us a few hours down the road for our next days journey as well. We learned that the long drive is still really long the next day :).

Here it he mountain. It has gotten tons of snow this year. We really wanted to make it up and let the kids play in the snow. By the time we got into town there was not enough time to do everything we wanted. Instead of spend the evening in the car we did things with the family instead.

Here is as much as we saw of the new temple. Since they are still finishing construction they would not let anyone on the grounds, bummer! It is very pretty, and the mountain behind it really makes a great scene.

While in town we went and visited the cemetery. We got to see my Dad's grave, and the kids got to see their namesakes (Talmage Cordell and Sandra Joalene). I think it's cool to be able to show them that they are named after family.

After that we ended up at the park playing for the rest of the afternoon. There was a storm blowing in, but otherwise it was a beautiful day! The kids ran around, played on the playground, did frisbee, soccer, and a little football. The adults got to throw the football around and try to keep the kids happy in the process (which included potty breaks).

Here is Jeff and the two boys playing soccer. They would kick him the ball and he would kick it back. He was a good multi-tasker!

Here is Grant. He did a great job playing so hard outside! He really enjoys soccer and kicks pretty good too!

Talmage also had a good time. He was a little more cranky so that made it harder, but over all really stayed with it and did well!

Everyone hanging out on the rocks at the park :).

Sandra and Bree playing on the big rock

Ella, learning to throw a football. She did really well too :)

Owen and Mhari took turns with the bubbles. The blanket got pretty slimy from all those bubbles!

It was a fun trip, and probably one of the biggest highlights of our spring break trip. We really enjoyed spending time at the park together and hanging out. It would have been nice to make it up the mountain, maybe we'll make it to the top another time. It had been about 7 years since were last in the Safford area, it was good to see the new temple, but also visit the cemetery. It's amazing how fast time does move by!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brotherly Love

While on our trip Jeff got a chance to spend a little time with his brother, Nathan. It's funny how much they can bond while engaged in the same activity!

This time they were actually awake (sort of) and talking to each other. Jeff didn't feel good on our trip so I'm sure that had something to do with the position they are in. I think this picture was also after Nathan helped push a stranded car and wasn't feeling well either.

Such funny Williams' boys! Too bad Jeff was too sick to hang out for a night out with his brothers... there might have been more great shots to add to the blog :).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg Hunting

For spring break we went back to Phx for a quick trip to visit family. During that time we did Easter egg hunts with both sides of the family. This was one of the things I actually took pictures of while I was there :).

Here are some of the egg hiders:

Ira by his camouflage egg... can you see it?

Jonathan putting them up high for the bigger kids.

Uncle Aaron - going above and beyond!

Let the hunting begin!

Some places the adults needed to offer some extra help :)

Daddy and Talmage

Then the kids tried team work - the human pyramid

Talmage, Grant, and Ella

When that didn't work we decided to try climbing 1 kid... and the egg was reached!

Sandra finding eggs. Her hair was really excited about it :).

By the end of the hunting the adults started just throwing the eggs back out to re find. Jeff then started a collection and had the kids waiting to catch the eggs.... Whatever makes them happy :)

Mhari wanted to help throw the eggs too. Actually she may have been taking them for her, I don't remember.

The reward for all the egg hunters - donuts. Oh, what a funny girl!

Egg Hunt #2
It was a race! Seriously, hard to get pictures of this one. We met at the park and it was a wide area to run and collect. They ran fast and collected all they could.




Mhari enjoying opening her eggs!

It was a fun time! The kids love to play with cousins and it's so fun to see them growing up! I think we are all egg hunted out! I think the eggs were their favorite thing to play with in the car on the long drive home!
Happy Early Easter Egg Hunting :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing too exciting :)

I must say that the last week or so has been pretty normal... nothing too crazy going on here, accept the kids :). I've been trying to think of some fabulous update, but you just get this random post.

Saturday the weather was beautiful and Jeff suggested we wash the cars. I mentioned that rain was fore casted for the next day, but Jeff didn't think that was a big deal because they really needed to be washed. I guess it's good to get off all that old dirt and mud. It's just funny to be adding more the next day. Normally I wouldn't bother washing cars before a rainy day, but it was fun to do with Jeff so why not :).

The rain hung around for a few days and there was a neat storm that came through Monday afternoon for just a little while. Jeff sat outside on our patio with the kids watching the rain while I got stuff done inside. I love watching him spend time with the kids!

Daddy and his 2 girls!

I needed to wake up Mhari to go pick up Grant from school today. When I went into her room she looked like this -

I think sleeping kids must be the cutest thing ever! Plus, isn't there some rule about not waking a sleeping baby? She is so full of personality, even when she's sleeping :).
Then we move on to my last picture - Grant. He was sick last weekend and just laid around the house feeling tired (fever). He was well enough for school Monday, but by the sickness had spread to his brother that afternoon, fun times. Over the last few days Grant has still been emotionally recovering from being sick and tired. He was having a hard day today after school so I ended up sending him to his room to settle down. When I went to let him out this is what I found...

See - aren't sleeping kids just adorable! I'm glad he got a nap in, but he was still pretty cranky when he woke up (some kids just don't wake up happy, especially if they're still tired).

I think I need to remember them sweet and sleeping when they start to get frustrating to deal with. He is a great kid and so smart and funny! It's no fun to be sick and then have to get back to school life again - so much work for little kids :)!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm so glad Daddy's home!

Jeff has had a very busy February. Now that it's March it has been so nice to have him at home more. The kids just love having him around!
Last Sunday Jeff was home for a little bit before he had to leave for a fireside and he started talking about getting a cardboard box to slide down the stairs with. I was a little confused and asked why he was giving the kids ideas. He told me they were already sliding down on their bums, they might as well have boxes to go faster.

Here they go.... Talmage


and the two girls!

The whole thing made me very nervous (seriously who wants to make a trip to the ER?). I came out to give Jeff the camera and went back to my room to listen to the fun. Jeff did set some good ground rules - you must have an adult present when sliding down the stairs. They were telling me that after he left for the fireside - too cute.

Then the next day after school Jeff decided to boil eggs. He got the eggs in the pan, put in the water, and started it on the stove. Talmage wanted to see. Jeff let him get up to the stove with his stool so he could see. By the time the eggs were cooked Jeff was joined by 4 kids in the kitchen, 3 stools, 1 Punkin on the counter (being held by daddy), and lots of hands checking the steam from the pot. What a good Daddy to turn it into a science lesson about steam as well.

I would have gone and taken a picture, but there were just too many things I couldn't handle looking at. Should I list them for you? - kids by the stove, hot boiling water, hands checking steam, daughter on the counter... you get the picture!
Anyway, I'm glad Jeff is around more again and that he's enjoying teaching and being with his kids! Especially when these are experiences I'm not prepared to teach them yet!!!

We Love our Daddy!